Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews!

Eyelet Azurite Peasant Blouse (size 2) by Vanessa Virginia

All I could think was maternity wear. Way too much gathering over the breasts added weight and girth - I felt like a house in this thing! I like the color and the lace detailing but overall it felt very cheap. Such a shame because I love the idea of it!

If it's rainbow, I am immediately attracted to it - just like my daughter! This is a sweet, lightweight sweater - I love the colors! They are definitely more vibrant IRL than pictured on the website. I would probably size up to a small because I don't like thinner sweaters that are too clingy.

 Triple Bow Dress (XS) in Blue Motif

 First of all, the colors are slightly different IRL - sort of minty and chocolate brown. I like the dress and this thick cotton knit it is made of but I don't love the sleeves or the way the stripes change around the chest line (you can really see it in the side shot). The back view is adorable - maybe too adorable for my age. I sort of like it in these pictures but remember feeling like it made me look funny up top IRL. Fits TTS/slightly snug (but will definitely give as you wear it).

Fitted Western Chambray (XS) by Cloth and Stone
So, much like its cousin, the Fitted Chambray Buttondown , this fits wonderfully up top and then is pulling across my hips. I really don't ever have that problem with shirts but with this brand I do. That is a close up of how much it is pulling. When I size up, it ends up feeling a little sloppy. Darn because I really like this one.

Tulipa Dress (S) by Leifsdottir
 My store clearly did some house cleaning because this turned up out of nowhere and they don't usually even carry Leifsdottir. It was $19.95. It's nothing fancy but I sort of love it and the material is so soft. Is does have this weird knot thing on the front that I couldn't figure out but I just sort of pulled it down on my hip and it seemed to look vaguely normal :)

Aha - here's the problem - major bra show. I think if I wore a pretty lace black bra it could sort of be peek-a-boo sexy but I'm not sure. Maybe just cheap?

thoughts? Anyone else own the Tulipa Dress and know where that darn knot is supposed to go?


  1. I bought the Tulipa before Xmas. I was tore for a while because of the pattern placement on mine: there was a big black patch where the knot was. But I wore it, so now it's all mine :)
    I find it super cozy and versatile for winter and warmer months.
    PS.Just wear a plain black bra and it should blend right in.

  2. wow- fabulous price for the Tulipa- what a find! It looks pretty and comfortable! I also really like the bow dress on you. I thought the fabric looked pretty stiff, but maybe I should at least try it on..

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