Monday, March 11, 2013

Madewell Review - Dresses

Made a little pilgrimage to Madewell today and I found out... gasp... they are opening one where I live! Yahoo! I'm super excited and I can only hope that they staff it with people who are as nice and accommodating as the ones at the Madewell that I have to travel a distance to.

Melody Dress in Rose (size 2 and size 0)
 I own the Melody Dress in blue and it is lovely - an easy shape to wear and a plain palette to accessorize. This has the same easy shape but I thought the print was too overwhelming. I think I'd prefer it if the background wasn't black. The size 0 definitely fit better but I have lost some weight lately and it might be that my overall size has changed. Not a huge difference between the two.

Silk Waterflower Dress (size XS)
 Oh how I love the idea of this dress but you can see it is a big ol' mess on my body. From the front, it looks okay except for a slight pulling at the bustline. But as you turn, yikes! It is really pulling across the back and it causes the whole dress to be off. If I sized up I think I would feel like a red silk potato sack so this is a pass for me.

 Sweatshirt Dress (size XS)
Ah, the elusive sweatshirt dress - an idea so right and a fit so wrong. I am short waisted and this thing still look short waisted on me! The material feels the same as my short-sleeved sweatshirt from J. Crew and is very comfy but the style is all frump. Too tight on chest, too poofy/pleated at hips and the waist is too high. Boo. I loves me some comfy dresses.

On sale but for $119.99 I think. Not cheap enough :) Felt a bit flimsy and definitely runs big. I would want the size 0. The idea is so sweet but just felt a bit blah once I got it on.

 Lacebloom Dress (size 2)
This is very cute and should attract those who love Anthropologie. The lace feels quite substantial and I love the little cap sleeves! It was a little roomy but I don't think I would go smaller because there isn't much give in the fabric. The back view is a little funny in the rear but I think it just needs a good press. This dress is really lovely and would be perfect for a summer wedding.

 Silhouette Dress (size XS) in Noble Blue
And now for something completely different... This is made out of what I would call "scuba" material. I couldn't get the zipper to go up so the side picture is a hot mess. Once I did get it zipper up it was obscenely tight on top. Yikes! But even worse was the pleating right below the waist that would not lay properly. At all. Made me look like I had grown me some man bits down there. Not good. I will say the dress is quite slimming. Should have tried on a size S just for fun and to see if it improved some of the fit issues.

I'll have a review of the top counterpart to the Lacebloom dress and some other items later this week!


  1. Thanks for sharing the review on the Melody dress! I've been watching it lately hoping it would go down in price a bit more since I wasn't sure of the fit. Definitely wishlisted :)

  2. I really love the lace dress on you! I love the print of the first dress, but would rather have it on a pillow! :-)

  3. Thanks for the reviews- and glad you're getting a store too!!!

  4. Thanks for all the reviews. I'd heard that Madewell dresses didn't fit very well. They look great on the site but, from your reviews, not so much IRL. I am going to take a closer look at the Melody; I love it on you.

    1. I love the melody dress too! Here is a picture of me in the plain blue one which I love:

  5. The lacebloom dress looks ever so pretty and I love the colour too.