Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Madewell Review - Lily Lace Dress

This dress has been lingering in about two sizes in the sale section for a while now. It looked so cute, I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be snapped up. Not one to risk final sale, I had a very nice online chat associate order it for me with the ability to return. If you are looking for a cute LBD, I think it's a lovely option!

Madewell Lily Lace Dress (sizes 2 and 0)

As usual, pictures don't really do the dress justice. The lace is lovely - very comfortable and reminds me of the lace on my Ann Taylor Shift that I bought this summer. As for sizing, I would maybe go with the smaller of your two sizes. In these pictures, I think the 2 looks a little better but in real life, the 0 fits better. It is slightly shorter and the waist lies a bit higher but it definitely fits everywhere else. 

I was expecting an elastic waist on this dress but there's not. There is a fully removable slip and little bra  snaps to keep said slip in place. The lace has a bit of give and there is a single pleat on the skirt on either side (about above the hip bone or so). I really like this dress and can see getting a lot of wear out of it. Now if only I could decide on size! :)

One last picture of size 0 and size 2 but over exposed so you can get an idea of the lace and the pleats.

Anyone else own this dress?


  1. Oh, it's been tempting me, for sure! I absolutely hate having to decide between two sizes that are both okay for different reasons...you know you'll always have moments that you wished you chose the other one!

    check your range of motion and comfort with the 0 and decide from that?

    I bought the retro grid peasant blouse and I'm so torn- I love love love the print, and the fit is good. I just didn't expect it to be a chiffon silk, which I'm less fond of. I wanted a nice scarf-y silk. I think I'll return it and hope to catch it with a nice discount later on...

    1. Yes I absolutely agree with you! A little big is good for those bloated days but then again you want the small one when you've lost a few pounds and want to show it off!

      I'm so glad the retro grid peasant blouse worked on you! I actually love the chiffon, it makes it seem so light and airy and able to work in summer or winter! I hope you snag it on super sale!

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