Saturday, March 2, 2013

Madewell Review: Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Sungarden

I try to steer away from things that are too trendy considering my super trendy days have passed. But, I am letting myself indulge in one pair of skinny floral jeans. Something about them makes me happy and feel modern yet age appropriate. I really love both of J Crew's Liberty Toothpicks (which I reviewed earlier here) but have been dying to try out these Madewell jeans. And thank you Madewell for free shipping & returns on jeans!

Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Sungarden (size 26)

I like these a lot. They were mega-tight when I first tried them on, especially the waist, but loosened up as I walked around. The print is a really lovely option - the more muted colors feel like a safer printed option. They are definitely skinny. Size 26 is my normal J Crew matchstick size but these feel a bit tighter than that (although I would definitely keep this size as it is clear they will stretch).

I've say these are less denim-y feeling and way more chino feeling - which might be nice for spring/summer. 

Some closeups of the print. I really couldn't tell what the print looked like online but it is actually floral.

I'm really liking these and hoping they make it sale. What do you think?
Anyone else have any experience with Madewell denim?


  1. What a gorgeous print!! And it looks like the pants fit perfectly. Thanks for adding the comments about Madewell sizing - I've been unsure how they compare to J.Crew denim.

  2. Such a cute print :) Good to know about the sizing. No experience with Madewell denim, but I hope they make it to sale for you!

  3. Thanks for the closeup of the print. It's very pretty. The price is much better than the JC Liberty toothpicks, but Liberty fabric is always higher priced. I've been planning to try Madewell's denim, so your review is most appreciated.

  4. In general I think madewell denim is better cut and more flattering for my body, but the dark sections of this print appear to create a pattern discernible from a distance. They look like they fit you very well!