Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anthropologie Review - Skinny Cords on Sale!

Why oh why do I alway wait until the end of winter to buy corduroys? I end up wearing my rag tag baggy cords all winter and then finally, in March, think to myself, "Hmmm... maybe it's time for some new ones?". Of course, at this point, no one has cords any more! Plus, while I do love myself a good skinny jean I prefer a straight leg cord. Here are a few a found the other day at Anthropologie.

Pilcro Serif Cord Legging (size 26)
The color on these is quite cute. I don't love orange by my face but on my legs I find it cute. Excuse the clogs, these would look much better with some boots. Weirdly, the material is super thin and soft but I did not find that it highlighted every single lump and bump.

A rare *ss shot because I think it's important to note that these were not terrible in the butt area. I still feel like I'm wearing leggings (thus the name) and would prefer to be wearing cords. Ah... what to do.

AG Stevie Cord (Size 26)
These are slightly longer and thicker, although certainly not thick, and a different shade of orange. I prefer the Pilcro shade since it is a bit more "burnt orange". These fit quite well at the waist with no sig of gap. Didn't love the bunching across the front. Maybe I need to go up a size?

I'm showing the comparative *ss view because I think these look terrible from behind. You can see them squishing my inner thigh and wrinkling and generally looking like I am trying to fit myself into something too small, which perhaps I am.

Sigh. Does anyone make straight leg cords with a little stretch? I actually just tried this year's Matchstick Cords from J Crew and I didn't love what the did for me. The quest continues.

Anyone have a favorite brand/style of corduroys?


  1. I recently bought the AG Stevie Cords and LOVE them! I was able to snag them when they went to $49.95. I also blogged about them here:
    AG is my new favorite brand. So comfy and cute. They look great on you!

  2. I found the matchsticks from J Crew this year to be terribly unflattering and tight- even if I went up in size. I was disappointed because I had many from other years that fit perfectly.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. They pulled across my hips but then gapped hugely in the waist. Sort of a disaster. And because there is no stretch there's no making them fit. Why are slim but not too tight cords so hard to find?

  3. I also love the AG Stevie Cords but found i did need to go up a size for these to be great. I only liked the dark green color they offered tho.