Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Madewell Reviews: Shirts, Shoes and more!

Here are the rest of my reviews from my marathon try-on session at Madewell the other day. A lot of hits and misses to be sure but I really like the general style there. Their simple, sweet little silk dresses are really cute and so easy to throw on with tights and booties or heels and jewelry. The fit can be hard - elastic waists aren't always the most flattering and look odd if they don't hit at just the right place. Nonetheless, I feel like I am wearing something a bit unique when I wear something from Madewell.

Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Ferrous Wash (XS)
The quest for chambray continues! People love this shirt but I think it's too baggy and too faded for me. Would look cute over some skinny printed jeans but I don't think this is the one.

This picture does not do justice - the colors are so lovely! The shrunken boyshirt is definitely snug - you can see it pulling at the top button. I guess I would size up but then it might not fit as well in the body. I think if you are less busty none of this will be a problem. Again, the colors are so beautiful.

Lacebloom Top (XS) in Transatlantic Blue - $79.99 in store, $94.50 online

Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans in Mapview (size 26)
The top is adorable and versatile and reminds of the Raindrop Lace top from J Crew last year. The top below is the same thing but with different colors but I found the fit to be a bit smaller. The lace is nice and thick and lined and lays really nicely. The adorable SA's made me try on the jeans! I am a big fan of the skinny skinny ankle style but I don't like this print. Makes me look like I have some sort of skin disease on my legs. Kidding, but too much white + tight pants = too much information.

Painted Lacebloom Top (XS)

This version of the Lacebloom Top fit slightly smaller and shorter. I liked the fit a lot better. I also love the colors - two of my favorite colors in one little lace top. I think this would look great with jeans to make them seem more summery.

Sessun Miss Cat Miaow Shirt (XS)

The style of this shirt is not for me but the cats are adorable! The prints that Sessun churns out are all really interesting - it's a shame the price points are so high!

Silk-Front Tank in Pansy (XS)

 This fit beautifully but I'm not sure how I feel about teh t-shirt back. Love the little pansies, the neckline is just right and the fit grazes over the body without being sloppy or too tight. And the little sleeves are perfect for showing off my guns. Ha ha.

Hot mess. Even my grandmother wouldn't wear this. I feel like I want to blow my nose, on the shirt. Or put a place setting on it.

Keds x Madewell Sungarden Sneakers
I'm obsessed with this print and I love Keds. Isn't this perfect summer sneaker? I'm not sure about the fit, the 7.5 (my "normal" size although really my Right foot is a 7.5 and my left foot is a 7) was a little long, the 7's felt pretty good.

The Billie Boot in Golden Spinach

The perfect bootie. SOOOO darn cute. So darn expensive. Golden Spinach is sort of grey-ish in color. I think these are pretty comfortable although I had the same sizing thing. The 7's were slightly snug but the 7.5's were sort of clunking around. I think I'll have to try them on again before I try to commit. And hand over oodles of money for them. The SA also had them on and said she wore them all day and was very comfortable.

Crystal Collage Necklace
I think this is a wonderful statement necklace that could be worn with anything and everything. The chain part did feel slightly cheap to me so I would not pay full price. Will keep an eye out for sale.

Anyone else try on some of these items? How do you find Madewell shoes?


  1. Love the subtle cat print, but not at that price!!! And those booties are perfect! Though I have a pretty pair of grey ankle boots in nubuck that i'm always afraid to wear if there's a hint of precipitation...

    1. ooo. Where are yours from? I've been searching for grey ankle boots forever

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  3. I LOVE the billie boots! I want them now. But, wow, they are expensive. I tried on the Lacebloom top in navy and loved it. Even with the discount, the price was still a little high so I ended up not getting it. Thanks for your reviews - they are so helpful.

  4. The bloom lace top is really cute, as are the boots. I have a pair of Madewell boots that I got for about $100. They're brown, not some crazy color, but I guess it was the least desirable of the options. They're like a clog and kind of high so I've only worn them twice, but they're very comfortable. Hope you get them on sale. I love the cadet color they come in.

  5. I was wondering if you bought the Keds and, if so, if the 7s work for you. I have the same foot size as you and the same problem with my feet being different sizes, though its my right foot that's shorter. I Rarely buy a 7, but after your review, I am nervous to go with my normal 7.5. Do you think the 7.5 wouldve worked for you with an insert on your left side?