Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Back! ... and a J Crew Review

... to me.

We just got back from a lovely little trip to Florida - the weather wasn't quite as nice as expected but we had a lovely time.
Unfortunate incident on day 1 of my sweet little lady stepping on a fish bone on the beach which got stuck in her foot. Rush to the emergency room where we were for several hours but all went well. Children as so amazing in their ability to heal. The next day she was not really using her foot for a couple of hours and by lunch, you never would have known anything had happened! She was so brave and sweet and patient. I had so much love and respect for her for getting through this (at the tender age of 3 1/2).

Anyway, just a quickie review today to get things rolling. This belt has been lingering a bit in the sale section but I have to say, I love it!

J. Crew Distressed Denim Belt (XS) in Tobacco

This belt is not for everyone - it is definitely distressed, as was I when I first saw it :) But I sort of love the tough appearance and what I love most? I can wear it at my waist without a long end hanging down. Excuse the ridiculous pictures in my bathroom and the silly belt over a cashmere sweater thing. I have lots of elastic waist dresses that need belts and sometimes I get tired of wearing something dainty and sweet or sparkly. This definitely dresses things down a bit.

I think it would look awesome with:

Anyone else try this belt? Hate it? Love it?

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