Friday, March 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Dresses and a Skirt

A few dress reviews for those considering the 20% off sale...

Unknown Shift Dress  Mod-Stripe Chemise (XS)
I wish I could find this online but I can't. It is very cute. Fit is looser than the Triple Bow Dress which I also reviewed here. The material is nice and substantial - reminds me of the Maritime Dress at J Crew but has a nicer a-line shape and a longer length. The colors are lovely and neutral enough to be worn in spring with flats and winter with tights and a nice sweater. I believe it was relatively inexpensive so I may have to reconsider with the extra 20%.

 Silk Mabel Dress (size S)
This was one of the few items from the spring collection that really caught my eye. Unfortunately my local store only had a size S left so it is clearly too big. One disappointment was the elastic waist. I have several elastic waist dresses but I'd love a nice structured waist, please. It just looks sloppy on an otherwise fairly elegant dress. The quality wasn't as high as I was hoping, as I'm finding with a lot of Anthro clothes these days, but I am interested in trying on an XS at some point. 

 Clematis Pencil Skirt (size 2)
I did not like this at all and I can't even really tell you why. It felt sort of dowdy and not very spring like! The material is a rather unforgiving linen (hello wrinkles) so if you are in between sizes I would definitely size up. I am wearing size 0 often these days and the 2 fit just perfectly... I wanted to love this skirt but it just looks a bit blah on, don't you agree?

Nothing for me right now but I'm sure when the weather turns warmer I will be more interested in spring clothes. 

What did you spring for during the 20% dresses event?


  1. Damn- that shift dress looks so cute on you! Now I wish I'd tried one on...

    I love the silk mable dress, and I didn't find the elastic waist bothered me in an XS, though I had to concede that the dress didn't look that great on me. The print is soooooo beautiful though!

    I finally broke down and ordered the Lousa shift in green- they're low in stock and the price is good with the discount. I hope it works- though I must admit that many of my wishlisted dresses already went on sale in March and I kinda treated myself to them...

    1. Oooo - please post a review of it when you get it! I saw a woman trying it on in the store and I didn't love it on her but I think it didn't fall on her body quite the right way. 1 size looked too big but the other size was grabbing where it shouldn't. I think it's adorable but I'm worried about the fit. On my bum.
      Good to know about the Mabel dress and yes I LOVE the print!

  2. I love that shift dress! Beautiful... I hope you bought it!
    We don't have Anthropologie here in Australia, I wonder if they ship here.....

    1. Thank you! I didn't buy it but I may have to reconsider. So easy and a great dress for traveling (not that I do that very often :)
      I'm pretty sure Anthropologie does ship to Australia and they have been known to have shipping promos even for international customers....