Wednesday, March 13, 2013

J. Crew Reviews - Sale!

With the additional 30% off I couldn't resist popping into my local store. There are definitely some deals to be found.

Micro-Tweed Jacket in Navy (size XXS and XS below)

I think this is adorable and very Chanel-esque. El hubby says no :) It is so cozy and comfortable - feels more like a sweatshirt than a boucle jacket which I love. I would take my usual size XS in this one.

Tippi Cardigan (XS) in Navy
I can't remember how much this one was but I should have bought it. It is a lovely perfect cardigan sweater. I thought it was black (and I need to replace an old pill-y black one) so I think that's why I passed. These sweaters aren't super exciting but great workhorses to be worn over blouses at work.

Lightweight Merino Puff-Sleeve Sweater in Stripe (XS) in Steel Salt Navy
This is currently on promo online and I think it is absolutely adorable. The little puff sleeves are so sweet and the knit is quite light - in a nice way. I may have to revisit this one, I can see getting a lot of wear out of it.

 Liberty Peasant in June's Meadow Floral (XXS) - in store $79.99! Online still full price
Woah price difference! I thought I might be wooed since I love this print and it was $79.99 - 30%. Sadly, no. It is just not flattering on at all and I don't understand why anyone would put an elastic bottom on a shirt. I can never figure out how to make it work.

Painter Boatneck Button Tee in MultiStripe (size XS) in Navy
Adorable. My mother-in-law loves these little shirts and layers them over turtlenecks in the winter. I definitely need to size up in these. The gold buttons are lovely and they are quite a steal at $29.99 for the stripe and $24.99 for the solid.

Tippi Cardigan (XXS) in Heather Turquoise
Liberty Toothpick Jean in Emma and Georgina Floral (size 27) $69.99 in store.
The cardigan is way too small but I saw this color pairing on polyvore and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, although I love the color mint I do not like it on me. Too 80's pastel I think. Funny story about the jeans. I have been obsessing over them and just waiting until the price dropped low enough. Well, marched into the store today to buy them and just decided that I did not like the print. Sigh. Now I have to wait for one of the other patterns to go low enough!

Keeper Chambray Shirt (size 2)
I totally forgot I had tried this on before and I would definitely need to size down. Not a love for me.

Scout Chino (size 0) in Natural - currently on promo online for $65.00
Can we talk about how these are so wrong on me? I think I should size up so they are slouchier. They added about 10 pounds visually :) Capris are hard. So hard that I'm thinking I may just stick to shorts and skirts this summer.

Liberty Toothpick Jean in June's Meadow Floral (size 26) on promo online for $108
So now I've decided this is the print I want. They are $108 with 30% off which makes them way more reasonable. Not a steal by any means but I bet they will get further reduced at some point. There are SO many colors to pull from in the print for tops. These are a size 26 which felt a bit snug.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool (size 2) I forget the color!
I think I need the size 0 but more importantly I just don't love it. I adore printed No. 2 pencil skirts and even the cotton ones which seem a little bit shorter. This not so much. it feels dowdy on me. If I were taller it would look more elegant.

Cafe Capri in Pinwheel Eyelet (size 0?) in Navy

My pictures stink because you can't see the eyelet detail at all. These pants are THICK but mostly in a good way (I think). I think they would be too hot and stiff for summer but a good transitional spring piece. The fit is much better than the regular cafe capris - no waist gap hooray - and the length is spot on.

What are you stalking during this 30% off promo?


  1. Just bought the micro tweed jacket and also reviewed it.
    It is lovely and i am glad i got it.
    Thanks for your reviews!!

    1. It's so cute on you! I really liked it too although my husband is not a huge fan :)
      It is super comfy!

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I was wondering about the micro tweed, since Ina had mentioned it :D I'm stalking the winter coats now, since it would be nice to get one on markdown for next winter :D

    1. The winter coats, if you can find one in your size, are an excellent deal this time of year. If I could trick myself into thinking I needed another one I would go for it!

  3. The printed jeans look great on you. Hope you find "the" ones on sale soon.

    1. Thanks! I like all of them at JCrew but am also liking the ones at Madewell. I figure floral jeans won't be in style forever so I should probably only invest in ONE pair. Hmm...

  4. I love the micro tweed and the navy cardigan. The liberty toothpicks are very cute too.
    Those chinos are pretty unflattering..... I have some café capris from last year that are v unflattering on me too. I think it must be something to do with height.
    Tanks for your reviews.
    I'm not buying anything more this season, so will enjoy the shopping thrill vicariously through the blogosphere!!

    1. I'm glad to hear you also had problems with the cafe capris. They are so close but just make me look wide through the hips. I do think capris look better on taller ladies and I'm not sure they are really that flattering on anyone.