Friday, March 1, 2013

A Zara Trench Coat Review

I generally don't shop at Zara anymore because I'm trying to ban anything polyester from my wardrobe - which of course excludes about 99% of Zara's offerings. But then, I was canning their sale section and the last sizes section specifically and I came upon this coat. woah. So cute. And a size small, should be perfect!

Zara Quilted Trench (size small)

 OMG. I love it. I love it so bad. Only one problem. WAY too tight across the chest. Notice how that top button is p-u-l-l-i-n-g in that first photo. But I love the way it fits everywhere else. Very slimming. The quilted details at the shoulders are so chic and I even like that big ol' zipper on the sleeves. In the 3rd picture you can see that my body is way more comfortable with that top button unbuttoned.
So the question is: Is it okay to keep and wear a trench that technically doesn't fit?
And I already know the answer but wow do I think it's cute. I've been stalking a medium popback but so far no dice.

Love the back view. Gives a great hourglass shape.

Details of the quilting and zippers. Fairly accurate reflection of color - a shade of khaki that I prefer.

Sigh. Have you ever kept a piece of clothing thinking you could make it work? Have you regretted that decision :) ?


  1. That looks great on you it has such a simple elegant line. I am huge trench coat fan. I have four of them and I rarely do that button up and when I do, I do the button above it up as well which might help take some of the stress off the button below. Either way it looks great I would put it in the keeper pile.

  2. See, you had to go and say WAY too tight across the chest. If you had said a BIT tight across the chest I woulda have had your back all the way. Stalk the medium as long as you can before giving up the small.

  3. Always a regret. Jeans don't stretch, I don't lose those one or 2 pounds, and I never really take those pants to the tailor to have them hemmed. Tempting, but if it doesn't button correctly, you will never feel comfortable, especially if you have on layers, or you are driving, etc. Send it back, and I'll cross my fingers for you about a medium popback!