Sunday, January 13, 2013

Madewell Reviews!

My birthday's tomorrow so my hubs took me on a little trip to the city for some shopping - so thoughtful! We didn't have a ton of time but of course I wanted to hit Madewell and I found some real gems.

Madewell Charade Blazer (size 0) in Oxford Blue

This is on sale for $49.99 plus 30% off! What? It is so adorable. I am having non-buyer's remorse as I did not buy it. My husband kept saying that he thought the color was a little too much for a blazer. Hmmm. The fit is so cute - even though it is one size smaller than my normal blazer size I did not mind at all. I like it open much better and can see wearing this with everything from jeans to suit pants to a cute pencil skirt. What do you think? Should I have gotten it???

Eh. Not much to say, just eh. Laid in a sort of lumpy way. Not good.

Melody Dress  (size 2)

I have been waiting and waiting for the Silk Gatehouse Dress in Seaglass Print to go on further sale FOREVER. Now that it has, I find this dress! At first I disliked the lack of print but then I thought about how it would be so easy to add a belt, big jewelry, a little blazer - sort of like an empty canvas. I also like that there was an actual waist instead of JUST elastic (this waist is elasticized but has a flat front). I think the pictures make it look a little Amish but I love the possibilities.

It does a look a little like a muumuu but I think that would be improved if I wore my actual size or maybe even sized down. The coral is actually a lovely color and this dress is certainly easy breezy. Very comfortable.

This dress is sooo cute! If it was pre-New Year's Eve I probably would have succumbed. The sequins are tiny and there are tons of them which adds to the luxe look of this little dress. I sized up to a 4 because nothing is worse than tight sequins but I probably could have done a 2 as well. Easy breezy adorable. If only I had an excuse to wear it!

Forgot to take a picture of this one but I did buy the Cropped Lace Blazer in my normal size 2. SOOOO cute and I got it for $30 after educator discount. Highly recommended!

Anyone else find some items during the 30% off?

What do you think of the Charade blazer in blue? Should I get it? Opinions ALWAYS appreciated!


  1. Such a strange fit with your bateau sweater! I have the same one and it doesn't do that - I wonder if it was sewn wrong? eeeee?

    At that price I'd say go for the blazer! :)


  2. The blazer looks good open from the front, but not from the side. That could be because of holding your arm up for the camera. Something to think about, though. I'm not a fan of jackets that cut open that way. I prefer a traditional hem. Only because the cut goes in and out of style. Between that and the color, I think you will feel like it's dated by fall. But who knows...maybe some of these same brights will still be in for FA13. Just ask yourself if the price is what's the main draw. ;)

  3. I say go for the charade blazer!! I love Madewell's charade blazer and have one in an orange color. This seems to be a staple in their blazer repetoire because they usually make this same blazer in different colors.
    I've actually tried on this very same blazer and don't think the color is too much at all. The price is a steal and you loved it, so I think you should get it.