Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ann Taylor Loft Review - Smitten Kitten Print Wedge Dress

I rarely shop at Loft anymore because I find that their clothes don't hold up that well and their pants always fit great when I buy them and are a baggy mess by the end of the day. Nonetheless, I couldn't help myself with the kitten print. It's hard to do cats and not look like the crazy cat lady of your office but I think these are passable.

Smitten Kitten Print Wedge Dress (size XS)

It's short! I don't mind this when the neck is higher and the fit is pretty loose. I would most likely wear this over some legging jeans or with thick black tights for night. I normally do not like shift dresses belted - it ends up looking lumpy and adding weight to my hips. This time, I sort of liked it. I just threw on my J. Crew Glitter Round-Buckle Skinny Belt because it was nearby.

Is this dress of amazing quality? No. Is it a little shapeless? Yes. BUT... it was only $30 and I love the cats. The color combination of fuschia and maroon is also really nice. It drapes pretty well and could be dressed up or down. Added bonus? Hides my post-holiday food baby.

Anyone else own this? What do you think?


  1. I have and love it! I don't know why, but it works. It's cuter IRL than it seems like it would be, right? I wear mine with skinny jeans/leggings and the J.Crew long merino cardi (pink) and it's actually a really fun oufit. Nobody really even notices that they are cats at first.

  2. I bought this one on super sale, too, after seeing it on M (thanks shopwithm!)...but I had to size all the way up to the medium in order to get it to be loose enough on my hips. Of course that meant the bodice was super loose, but belted and with tights or leggings, the dress looks kind of 80s rock, which isn't a terrible thing, so long as it isn't done in neon yellow with a bright red bow in the hair. LOL.

    I find it really short, so I have to wear it with leggings and/or really thick tights, but on you, it looks fab without. :) Lucky lady!

    P.S. I saw your comment on my pleated sweater skirt review. I will try and do a more in-depth review of the skirt soon. I haven't tried wearing the skirt without a top untucked, so I don't know how the pleating would make my hips appear where the pleating begins. I do have a really high waist, so the pleating starts higher than the fullest part of my hips, so that may be why I didn't even notice. HTH!

    1. That does help - thank you! I have a feeling it would hit me exactly where I wouldn't want it to. It looks adorable a d cozy on you though!