Saturday, January 12, 2013

J. Crew Review - Sale Stuff!

Extra 40% off sale! Yahoo! Finally some prices I can get behind. Here's what I found:

Funnelneck Hoodie (size S)
Can you tell I'm obsessed with this yet? I was so excited to find it marked down to $69.99 in store. Unfortunately, I found the size small a little baggy under the arms so I did end up going with my usual size XS (which I caught on popback online and love). To be warned, the material is fairly itchy but the overly thickness is so cozy and warm that I don't even care.

Adorbs. Really soft slightly thicker cotton. Oh if only I needed another striped tee. I do particularly like the wider boatneck - super flattering. The little turned up sleeves are cute as well. Great length. I do wear my other striped tees all... the ... time... perhaps will find justification for this one.

 Everly Suede Pumps (size 7.5 normal size) I forget color name
These are so beautiful but thank God J Crew shoes do not work for me. I have sort of widish feet and the minute I put these on I knew the would be uncomfortable. But lordy are they gorgeous. I almost considered buying them and getting them stretched but that is dangerous territory. I think they were marked down to something crazy like $79.99 before % off. Sigh.

Colorblock Shell (size 2) in Mauve Blush Papaya 
I probably could have sized down on this one but I like it a little slouchy. The colors are so beautiful. It doesn't look like much in the picture but I think it's a really lovely piece - great for under a blazer.

Okay, so yes I gained a few pounds over the holidays but still... these pants aren't doing me any favors. I just don't work with J Crew capris. They always look terrible on me an emphasize my bad bits. I have nothing good to say, moving on...

Lambswool Diamond Sweater (XS)
I love these colors and it looked fine but not great. The diamonds are knit in a way that makes the wool less stretchy so it fit funny across my chest. Made me look wider. Bummer - it was super warm.

Matchstick Jean in Garment-Dyed Denim (size 26) in Vintage Kelly

and here is size 27 in Dark Poppy
I love J Crew's matchstick jeans - perfect straight leg without the whole denim legging thing. These fit tighter than other matchsticks. Usually I am a size 26 but I felt like a sausage in that size (although do note previously mentioned holiday weight gain). The 27s were much more flattering but the waist felt slightly big and I wonder if they wouldn't stretch out too much by days end. Didn't matter because there is no way I am wearing tight red pants out in public. I DO think these are a great alternative to the toothpick colored denim - not so revealing and a great way to test the color denim waters.

Whew. I'm exhausted :)  Anyone else find some good stuff with the 40% off??

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  1. I, too, love love love the funnel neck sweater/hoodie (whatever it is supposed to be). I also found it itchy but I overlook that "tiny" imperfection! :>) And, i feel you on the pants...they look so cute on others but not so stylish on me. I usually stick to the tops and accessories unless i have had a really good couple of months at the gym! Thanks for the reviews. Love the pixs and hope you enjoy your finds. It always looks better at 40% off!