Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Goldleaf Cocktail Dress and Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt

January is my birthday month and I am still holding onto that 15% off coupon looking for the perfect item to splurge on. Have not decided what I will buy yet but it may be the Morning Birds Sweatercoat if it ever comes back in my size! It is so dang cold here! Ugh. I placed quite a few orders (regrettably) with the most recent FREE SHIPPING promo so there will be quite a few reviews in the next few days.

Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt (size S)

This skirt is very cute and very comfortable! It is 50% wool but I did not find it itchy at all. Only a S was available so that was what I ordered - I think it fits well - especially for work. If I wanted to make it more sexy I would try the XS. The band of colors at the bottom is really lovely and it grazes your curves without adhering to them. I wasn't sure what top I would wear with this - I love the peachy/orange color in the skirt but I don't have anything that color. The length is lovely for 5'4".

When I saw this on the sale rack I grabbed it and ran! Unfortunately, the fit is a bit off - i.e. too tight. If you look at the side photo you can see that the material is bunching above my bum in an unflattering way. I think I would need a 4. The dress is very well made and I LOVE the sequins but the slip runs tight and the color is off for me. It is more on the bronze-y side of gold than pure gold and so quite unflattering on my skin tone. I think the front view is very flattering. Sigh. Wish this could work for me!

More to come!


  1. I bought the dotted skirt way back in November or something and it's one of my favourite purchases of the year- comfy and warm, not too revealing (though unfortunately my store only had a medium, so it's a touch too loose) and no pilling or signs of wear. It goes with a wide variety of tops- any shade of orange or pink or red, lotsa different greens and blues- it's quite amenable to colour blocking!

    And I picked up the gold leaf dress this week even though I had to pick between one that fit well but was itchy (I'm going to have to assess what sequins to remove or something) and a totally comfy one that hung terribly. sigh. I guess I had the advantage of an additional 50% off though! Someone in the reviews online mentioned wearing it with a coloured slip for variety.

    1. I got lost in my ode to the beauties of the skirt- I wanted to say it looks smashing on you!

    2. Tee hee - you're hilarious - thank you! I am debating it as a birthday purchase. Only problem is I am TERRIBLY lazy about wearing skirts in the winter. Always default to my cords especially now that it is 5 degrees out!

  2. I like the dotted skirt on you. Totally hear you about being lazy w/skirts & dresses in the winter. I always admire women who are able to do the tights and pull it together.