Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Dresses, Sweaters and Blazers

I have tried on a lot of stuff recently! I don't know if I just sort of overshopped at Anthro last year or what, but I think I am burning out. I have also found that quality is pretty shoddy. Perhaps that is partly because I shop sale items and those things have been tried on so many times.... not sure... Anyway here goes!

Miette Blazer (size 4)
This is very sweet and reminds me of the Form & Function Blazer from a while ago. It's really cute and the color is charming. I wish they had a size 2 as I would like it to fit a little closer to the body.

Unknown Leifsdottir Sale Dress (size 2)
What the? I don't even know where to start. This thing is crazy. I felt like an ice skater, who just lost a lot of weight but decided to wear her old costume anyway...

I'm sort of kicking myself for not taking this home except for the fact that it was still quite expensive. It's super cute though. Slightly longer in the back and very shape enhancing. I liked it much better open but forgot to take a pic. It was slightly snug but I don't think I'd want to size up.

Agnessa Dress (size 4)
I believe this was a size 4 and I would definitely need my normal size 2. It's cute and I like the little shoulders which are sort of like exposed shoulder pads (if that makes any sense). Unfortunately the skirt was way too big and made me look poofy - strange since most people are saying the hips run tight. I would say TTS for this dress but I am not wearing my TS so maybe I'm wrong.

Carmindy Dress (size 2)

This just isn't my style. It's comfortable, TTS and basically flattering but I felt like I was playing dress up for some reason. It's quite slimming and I think would be excellent for pear shapes.

Nipped Brocade Dress (size 4)

I love the idea of this dress. It is pretty short (I'm only 5'4") but I think that's okay when the top is pretty covered up. The top fit awkwardly over my chest and the waist fell at a funny place adding pounds. I sized up in this primarily for chest coverage.

 Asymmetric Cropped Peacoat (size 4) in Navy
I thought this was adorable until I saw the pictures. Yikes. I sized up and would prefer 2 sizes up to make it drape nicely. The material is SOOO soft and the lining is adorably patterned. 

Variegations Cabled Sweater (XS) in Dark Turquoise
Love a good blanket, I mean sweater, to keep warm in the winter. It's really interesting and very cozy. I think belting it like the product shot would be really helpful. Wasn't sure how I felt about the "sweater tail" draping off my back.

Unknown Cartonnier Blazer (sizes 6 and 4 respectively)
This is a thick knit and quite comfortable. My photos do it no justice. I think paired with less preppy items would do the trick. Lots of cute little details - maybe with a silk blouse and skinny jeans (isn't that my answer for everything?)?

Striped Spinnaker Blazer (XS)
What I like: the nipped in waist, little puff sleeves and stripes! What I don't like: too short, ruffled hem. On the right body it would be adorable!

Anyone else know what some of the mystery items are? Would love to hear!

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