Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anthropologie Review - 2 dresses in black and white

These little dresses were presents from my lovely husband for Xmas. So thoughtful!

 Notched Dots Cord Dress (size 4)

Size 4 is one up from my normal dress size and it was definitely the right fit. The shape of this dress is SOO adorable and the corduroy is really soft. The print is woah too much for me. I can't tell if I look like a dalmation or pebbles in a fish bowl but either way, me no likey. I'm also not a huge fan of black and white since I'm so pale. I think if the polka dots were smaller this dress would be adorable!

Harlequin Cord Shirtdress (size 6)

This is 2 sizes up from normal dress size and I would definitely want the 4 but probably not the 2. Again, the shape is so sweet and very flattering. The fabric is soft and the waistline is perfect. But, the pattern - reminds of the code in the Matrix! Blech. And again black and white - too graphic for my taste. If this came in a sweet print or even just a plain bright color I would love it!

So appreciative that the sweet husband tried - they were almost a go!

Anyone else have some husband bought wife returned holiday items ;) ??


  1. Aw, these are cute! Though I can't help thinking of matrix now with the second print!

    These dresses would have been no-brainer desired items for me, since I love this type of dress, and adore black and white prints, but I have this pet peeve about prints that don't continue all around. I hate the wide black panel on the back! It seems so lazy!

    I also hate lace and sequin t-shirts etc where the overlay is only on the front. drives me nuts.

    Thanks for the sizing tips! I could still fall for the first one when it goes on sale. And it does look great on you! Imagine how a nice grey cardigan would make the graphic print less optical...

    Alas, my poor man is used to me pretty much dictating what my gift from him will be...ever since I sent him to Gap to find a certain sweater and he couldn't find the store! I called him and suggested a top I was interested in and he okayed it. sigh. But he's romantic in other ways :)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed that your husband bought you not one, but two dresses. I think the Notched Dots dress is really cute on you. The pattern looks fun in your photos.