Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Velveteen Cowlneck Poncho and Judith Collar Coat

A few sale items that keep popping back...

Unknown Vanessa Virginia Blouse

I usually like a lot of her clothes and I love easy breezy tops but this is sort of crazy. If I liked the colors more I would consider but I think they're a little odd. The texture of the jacquard pattern is interesting - sort of sweater like - and the navy party is chiffon-like. Too much going on methinks.

Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords (size 27) in Navy

I've reviewed these cords before but I love them! The corduroy is a larger wale and the material is thicker which is better for hiding lumps and bumps :)
The poncho is so cozy and warm and also good for hiding post-holiday pounds. I like the collar open and closed and appreciate the longer back for wearing over skinny pants/jeans.

Every once in a while these pop back and they are so adorable AND comfortable! Many reviews online say that they are to get on and off but I didn't find that at all. My normal size is 7.5 and if anything these tend to slip off a little bit so I may put a little heel grip in the back. I love that they are heels/boots. Great with dresses or pants. 

Judith Collar Coat (size 2) in Turquoise

I have so many coats, I'm not really sure I need this one but it is adorable. the shade of turquoise is beautiful and not too bright or too dull - just right. I can't quite figure out the button collar - there is a button underneath one side but I can't find the corresponding loop on the other side. I'd say this fits fairly TTS - I could do a 2 or a 4. My only complaint - the bottom hem looks shoddily done - sort of lumpy and doesn't lay quite right.

Unknown Cartonnier Knit Blazer  Window Pane Blazer (thanks to thatdamngreendress!) (size 4)
Yes I realize I just reviewed this the other day but I'm hoping someone will tell me what it's called. I love it with the gingham peeking out - 3/4 sleeves are great for that! Keep the preppy vibe going while the bootcut jeans add a little casual vibe.

I think I'm burned out on sale for a while... Time to look forward to spring!


  1. I do believe that is called the window pane blazer. Anthro nerd alert! I was shocked to find a cute top in the sale section today that I had NEVER SEEN before! Also by Vanessa Virginia! I love the prints in yours, but definitely a very statement cut!

    I really want to put the sale stuff behind me but it gets so hard as the sale goggles/insane deals hang around! My store is offering 50% off and I just want to run in and grab a million party frocks i'll never wear...oh the stress!

    1. Tee hee - yes I have sale goggles as well! I find myself always rationalizing the fact that something was $200 and is now $19.95. I'm trying to be better in the new year. Thank you for answering the blazer question = it was driving me nuts!

  2. Love the shade of that Judith coat - its gorgeous!

    1. I know the color is so delightful! Just wish the quality was a little more up to par. I bought a cute coat at Anthro last year and it is covered in pills! Looks like something I bought at a second hand shop now (and not in a good way)