Sunday, January 6, 2013

J. Crew Reviews: Sweater Season!

Thought I would try to squeeze these in tonight because I have a feeling that another percent off promo is coming... but my j Crew sense could be off...

Funnelneck Hoodie (size M)
Love. Loveth. Slightly itchy because of the wool content but love. I know I would wear this CONSTANTLY. Has been popping back a lot but I refuse to pay $89.99 even with my gift card. This is a size Medium which, shockingly, was only slightly too big. I think my usual XS would be quite slim fitting and I think this style looks better slightly slouchy. May pursue the small...

Pear Sweater (XS)
I loved this in the store but on it was just a large yellow splotch in the middle of my body. The XS seems to fit slightly snug for this type of sweater and again I think this sort of thing should be slightly slouchy. I still sort of love it but not at full price.

I own this in the camel color in an XXS but could get the XXS even over my arms in this latest color. I almost bought it with the 30% off of $39.99 but then thought - do I really need another LONG cardigan? I really liked the length of the Eden cardigan the best.

Fair isle is so in this year! It's everywhere. Loved the bright colors on this but the pattern at the top is knit in a way that makes it unable to stretch (like many other strange sweater at JC this season) so I didn't like it. Plus, I do not do high necks. Not good on me. It is a thick warm sweater however and I think those with smaller chests and more tolerance for constrictive shoulder movement (as a pianist that is a no go!) would do well.

I tore this off a mannequin. Okay. So I know I'm mainly attracted to this because I just had to put my cat down and I want to pay hommage to her everywhere I go but still, isn't it cute? I love that it's off center/on the side and of course I am a total navy wh*re. I feel like this sweater should be a little looser style-wise so I have a size small coming to me tomorrow and will do a side by side comparison later. Love - makes me smile!

Anyone else have some favorite sweaters this season?

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  1. I'm so sorry about your cat :(

    The funnelneck hoodie is my favorite of these but I agree it runs small. Hope the cat sweater works out for you!