Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: Lounge Wear

Ah, who doesn't love a good romp through the Anthro lounge section? So adorable, better prices and often totally out of the house appropriate!

Kiran Luster Loungers (Petite XXS)

Iwent with petite because I hate dragging pajama pants all over the ground. Annoying. The print on these is AWESOME. I love it so much, I wish they would a dress, a skirt, a shirt... something fabulous out of it. I might try a size PS because although these fit just fine I want them to be even a little more flowy. They have little pockets and a nice smocked waistband so comfort level is good. Unfortunately they are poly and they did cling to me everywhere. Darn it.

Riley Ribbed Chemise (XS)

This is a whole lotta awkward on me but I think would be quite cute on someone taller, thinner and with a different skin tone. The predominant color is mustard which does nothing for me. The idea is cute but the stripes did me no favors. It's pretty clingy for an XS. The material is actually fairly thick and stretchy so it does feel sort of cozy on. Too tight on me, especially in the bust so a pass.

I still love loungewear and am determined to get a cute pair of sale pajama pants by summer!

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