Tuesday, January 8, 2013

J. Crew Reviews - Sale Tops/Shirts!

Trying to get these reviews out for those of you shopping the 30% off. So without much ado, here goes:

Bow-neck Top (size 4) in Byzantine Blue
The color is scrumptious and actually this shirt is pretty cute. It's not really my style but I think it's quite sweet. This is one size bigger than my usual size and I think I would need my usual size 2. The length is good and the little puff sleeves are a cute detail without being too saccharin.

Indian Voile Popover (size 4) in Vintage Kelly 
I do love Kelly Green. I went with a 4 because that's what I picked up but could have easily done a 2 as well. It's pretty straight forward - no bells and whistles here - but attractive. I would love it breezily tucked into some crisp cotton shorts in the summer.

So lovely and so snug! In general I do not go for J Crew t-shirts because I am rather well endowed and their knits CLING. This is a size up from my normal sweater/top size and I think I would go to at least a medium. The color is lovely and I love the button detail.

Okay. So this is TWO sizes smaller than my usual size and I sort of liked it except for the fact that I couldn't really move my arms :) I'm sure I would prefer my usual size. I was surprised that I actually loved this blouse. In person it is quite marvelous with the saturated colors but from far away I fear it looks like nuclear vomit. I am also not partial to the pleating at the neck because I'm not sure it would ever lay quite right over my ample bosom. Nuff said.

I did snag the Funnelneck Hoodie on popback today as I am obsessed with it! Love a good cowl/funnel neck and also love a good casual/yet work appropriate sweater.

What items are you stalking during this sale?

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