Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madewell Jeans Reviews - Skinny Skinny Ankle Colorpop and Skargorn

Madewell is offering an extra 40% off on their website right now with code LOVE40 so bargains are abounding! Unfortunately, so is final sale. But, here are a few reviews to help fend off the final sale blues!

Skargorn (TM) Bones Skinny jeans (size 27) in Black Indigo

These are definitely SKINNY. Yowch. I had a few holiday pounds hanging around in this picture but still... I think these are meant for the more lean and less curvy of us. Besides that, I really liked the material on these and appreciated the slightly longer length (I'm getting really tired of everything being ankle length). The rear view is not flattering but I don't know if that's because they are glued on or if there is something about the design.

Skinny Skinny Ankle Colorpop Jeans (size 27) in glam pink

These, as you can see, are a completely different story. I sort of love them. The color is a bit too bright for my age but the cut is lovely. They were slightly big so I would probably order a size 26 with the expectation that they would stretch a bit. The rise is really nice - high enough but not too high, the length is perfect and the fit is very flattering. These are quite lovely and on sale for $59.99 before the 40%. Tempting!

Remember - always free shipping and returns on denim!

Anyone else try some colored denim from Madewell? Thoughts?


  1. The Colorpop jeans look great. Is 27 you usual size in denim? Do you recommend sizing down?
    Thanks for the reviews.

    1. Hi Maryeb,

      My usual size is 26 but everything's so stretchy these days I really don't find it matters much if I take a 26 or 27. At J Crew I take a 26 in the matchsticks and a 27 in the toothpicks, usually. These jeans are so cute - and flattering!