Monday, December 31, 2012

J Crew Reviews: Shirts: Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan and Keeper Chambray Shirt

I have quite the collection of J Crew buttondowns and I wear them ALL the time. Makes me feel instantly semi-polished :) I was immediately drawn to the Grey Tartan shirt and tried it out during one of the recent promos. My factory chambray shirt somehow doesn't really fit anymore so I have also been on the prowl for a lightweight chambray shirt.... here are the results!

Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan (size 2)

I think my body posture even looks sad and schlumpy in these photos. I love looking at the shirt but don't love looking at it on me. A bit too lumberjack or something - made me feel wider than I am. It is a nice, slightly thicker material and I love it on so many bloggers! Maybe the slightly larger lighter tartan is unflattering to busty gals? I'm not sure.

This is cute. I appreciate the roll tab sleeves. Don't love the boob fading. Was I rolling around on the hay for too long? The fit is slightly oversized - I might seek a size 0 if I am serious about keeping this one. Somethings tell me I might be able to do better although this is close!

Anyone else own these? 


  1. I have the keeper chambray and i agree,it is slighly oversized.I have the 0 and put it in the dryer and it shrank to a perfect size now.
    Have a great 2013!

    1. Good to know! I might try the size 0 although I also found a cute chambray shirt at Anthro that I might get...