Monday, December 17, 2012

Emerson Fry Review - Emerson Shirting in Lilac Floral

Emerson Fry is really an amazing company. Free shipping and returns and the most delightful clothing wrapped in the most sumptuous packaging. It makes me feel like some 5th Avenue diva with money to spare. Their price points are quite high, and this has been what has kept me away, but the quality is usually there. I had been stalking this Lilac Floral shirt since it was released and next thing I knew it was sold out! Much to my delight, one lone XS popped back the other night and I snagged it.

Emerson Shirting in Lilac Floral  (XS)

I'm not a huge floral person but I love this print. Something so whimsical about it without being too over the top girly. The sleeves are also lovely with 3 buttons at the cuffs. The shirt can be worn as just a silk popover blouse, or you can add the separate sash. I sort of like it all buttoned up and "secretaried-out". The beauty of my popback experience is that I even got it for $98! The cost of a Blythe. Woo woo.
My past experience with shirts from this brand is that the XS is a bit tight for me but this XS is perfect. The silk is thick and lovely to wear.

Here's the one problem. I noticed a few tiny pulled threads and what I think are a few stains. I think this was definitely a return. They'll probably come out and I think the threads will be fine but I'm a bit disappointed. The good thing about shopping at a brand like this is I expect the will offer excellent customer service. I'm calling tomorrow and will let you know!

What do you think? Own any Emerson Fry pieces?

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  1. Ooooh, I hope they do right by you! the lilac is such a perfect shade!

    I have definitely yearned for some Emerson pieces, but likely won't get the chance to try something until I come across an opportunity for a second-hand piece through ebay or something!