Saturday, December 8, 2012

J. Crew Review - Blythe Blouse in silk in Mauve Blush

Blythe Blouse in silk (size 2) in Mauve Blush

Excuse the poetic reflecting on my life by the window shot. I was trying to get some sunlight in my dark little apartment to help show the true color of the blouse. This is standard Blythe Blouse fare. Definitely fits on the slightly blousey side (which I like). The color is pretty true to the one you see on the website. I wouldn't call it too lavender/mauve-y. It definitely reads as more of a soft pink - very pretty actually.

I will say I don't like how the shininess of the material looks in the lighter colors. I don't mind it on my extravagant green blythe or the polka dot but on this one it bothered me.

I think my next purchase will be this Madewell one since it has only one pocket and the color is gorgeous:

Madewell Solid Silk Boyshirt

See my review here. Wish I had remembered to snag it this morning when I snagged some popbacks. Alas.

Anyone else have a favorite silk blouse out there?


  1. I love this colour! I so wish it loved me back!!! I am thinking the shiny is a little shiny, but I know it is so hard to tell in photos!

  2. Ooh, it *is* shiny. I noticed it a little bit in the retro jade, but it's really noticeable in this color. Thanks for the review :)