Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Morning Birds Sweatercoat and Avian Myth Shift

Two quickie reviews. More to come this week!


There's been a lot of talk about this sweatcoat. Honestly, I bought it because there was free shipping and I was really hoping that 50% off sweater promo was coming! It is SO SOFT and warm and delicious and did I mention I love birds and the color navy. I want to live in this. I actually don't find it so fashionably fabulous but I do think it's something I would enjoy wearing. A lot. XS felt good. Surprisingly I really liked it unbelted - less robe-like.

Avian Myth Shift (size 4)

I've reviewed this dress before. This is a size up from my normal 2 which felt right as the size 2 was crazy tight on my hips. I love the shape of this dress and the lovely low vee in the back. However, I think the gold skirt and the weird "aztec" patterns are sort of cheap looking. It's a shame because $39.95 is a great price for a dress but I just don't love the pattern or the gold fabric (and I love gold!).

Hope these help! And hope there are some good promos this week!


  1. I'm always attracted to these kinds of sweatercoats but then they totally look like bathrobes with my small schlumpy shoulders! This looks cosy- and best of all, I think the one you received has the best pattern layout I've seen! The birds at the opening are so wonderfully symmetrical!

  2. Yeah, the dress is a mess. I get where they were going, but it's suffering from cheap fabric. At least it looks that way in the pics. So sad...all these polyester items everywhere. I like the coat open, too. That cut is not easy to pull off belted, but if it's comfy sometimes ya just don't care ;)

  3. If you ever decide you would like to sell your morning birds sweater coat, I would be happy to take it off your hands (provided it is still in good condition). I missed getting it while it was in stores and have regretted not getting it.

  4. I collect bird prints and am interested in your Morningbirds Sweatercoat. If you ever decide to part with it, I would love to give it a new home. 😊 thank you!