Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anthropologie Review: Ava Knit Blazer, Garden Party Lace Dress, Hisbiscus Lace Sheath, PIcotage Sheath and Gathered Stripes Midi Dress

Finally had a few moments to check out some Anthro items... here's what I found:

Solstice Sherpa Jacket (S)
Definitely size up on this one. This is a S and I would say it fits perfectly. It is soooo soft. I think it was mismarked because if I had realized it was $19.95 I probably would have bought it. I like the stretch panels on the side - makes for a slim fit. This little Black version by BlankNYC looks cozy and cute. This Urban Outfitters version is amazing - buffalo check in a cool neutral light color and sherpa lining. Yes. And a little vest version? Love it.

 Ava Knit Blazer (XS)
I tried this on a whim and it is awesome. I felt like it ran a little small although I did like how slim it was. It's the perfect summer layer - check done. This Three Dots one is sooo cute. This old navy one is a great price and looks like the perfect amount of slouch. I haven't shopped The Limited since the 90's but love the look of their Madison Blazer.

Garden Party Lace Dress by Tracy Reese (size 2)
Pretty princess, that's how I felt in this one. Sometimes I have to size up in tracy reese but this was pretty true to size. It fit really well and I am obsessed with the back - how gorgeous it that view and it still covers my bra. Yay! This moderately priced lace midi dress is really cute and half the price. This one has a bit more of a boho vibe but it's by Trina Turk which means I will love it. This is out of my price range but the lace looks gorgeous on the bottom and it's just sexy enough without being too revealing.

 Hibiscus Lace Sheath (size 4)
The fit of this one is a little off. This is a size up from my usual and the waist fit perfectly/snug when full and sat a little high. The top also fit perfectly but the hips felt a little wide. I don't know, it just felt a bit funny. Anyway,  I love the lace and the hem and I even like the high neckline. It's a really beautiful piece. Reminds me of the  Lace Garden Pencil Dress which I would really like to try.

Here is the back view. I didn't zip it up only because I'm having some shoulder problems and I knew I wouldn't be able to contort myself in a way to get it unzipped.

Picotage Sheath (size 2)
I've tried this one on before. The size 2 does feel slightly snug but the material is thick enough to hide lumps and bumps. It does feel a bit like a magic dress. Flattering and comfortable.

Gathered Stripes Midi Dress (size S)
Um, ok, I could not for the life of my figure out how to make the skirt go back to normal. I think it's a cute enough dress, and very soft, but I don't think I need a knot on my hip. Just sayin'. I like this simple version of a knit striped midi at a great $37.99 price! And look at this crazy "tornado" version on If you missed out on one of the "classic" Bailey 44 dresses they actually offer them on their website. I've gotten a ton of use out of mine.

Unknown Dress? I think a 4P
This fit very well and I love the oversized pockets. It feels a little bridesmaid to me because of the seaming on the bust.

Overall some nice things and many more I wanted to try. Have you been lured in by all the recent promos?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Clearweather Pullover, Silk Composition Tank, Embroidered Peasant Top, Cabana Jacquard Shift Dress and Shrunken Trapeze Shirt

A few Madewell reviews for those of you considering the 30% off!

Clearweather Pullover Sweater (XXS) in Brick Dust
I loved the color on this one - plus Madewell knows how to do slouchy sweater quite well. The XXS felt good width-wise - slouchy but not sloppy - but then the side slits were so high! It ended up feeling a little short. Overall, it is a nice lightweight cotton sweater for the summer. I've been contemplating a Vince sweater, something like this, but they do run on the pricey side.

 Silk Composition Tank Top in Dots and Stars (XS)
Also offered in solid colors and an adorable black and white print version! This sucked me in because of the stars. I love stars almost as much as I love stripes. It's very swingy and comfortable. Mine got a bit staticky as I tried it on so it's not flowing quite as nicely as it should. Very lightweight and nice for summer.

Embroidered Alma Peasant Top (XS)
I love the embroidery on this little top - it's really beautiful and just enough to make the top special. I think this would look better on someone with a C cup or below. It fit fine/a little tight across the bust but the real problem was the pleating below the embroidery. It just added bulk to my already generous chest. I love this one from South Moon Under - so easy and lots of blue embroidery. Or you can't beat this F21 one for $10 (plus this F21 is gorgeous!). This TJMaxx version is simple and rings in at a fair $24.99. And if you want to go upscale, this Parker peasant top looks perfect.

Cabana Jacquard Shift Dress (XS)
Again, cute embroidery, and pockets! The neckine is quite high which I'm not used to - also a bit of the same problem with the pleating under the embroidery - big boobs beware. Word of warning - the material is THICK and lined so I wouldn't wear this in the deep heat of summer - more of a spring dress. This Lucky Brand version is adorable and looks more breezy. This striped embroidered shift has a Tory Burch feel to it, without the price tag. Love this off-the-shoulder embroidered bell-sleeve dress - makes me want to go on vacation. Finally, check out this Neiman Marcus Last Call peasant dress. Easy and right on trend.

 Shrunken Trapeze Shirt in Cat Walk (XS)

I was immediately drawn to the adorable leopards. Oh my goodness this print is SOOOO cute. The shape of this shirt, however, is not for me. Very wide and the material is a slightly scratchy stiff linen. It does look okay "at rest" since it drapes fairly well. I really hope they put this print on something else. It makes me smile!

Anything you are wanting to buy with the 30% off?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

J. Crew Review: V-Neck Top in Palm, Short-Sleeve Popover and Campbell Blazer in Skinny Stripe

Campbell Blazer in Skinny Stripe (size 2 or 0)
 Super cute. I'm always trying to make myself love blazers and I just don't but I did like this one a lot. I forget what size it was but it felt TTS. The skinny stripe material is really cute and summery. Big thumbs up if you are a blazer lady. LOVE this Three Dots version - stripes and casual material - yum! This pink Tommy Hilfiger version is so summery and loving this Rachel Roy version that is much more structured and dressy.

 Short-Sleeve Popover Shirt (size 0)
 I'm always wishing I had some sort of cute long-sleeve button down to pair with shorts and skirt in the summer. The body of this shirt is fine but I am not digging on those crazy sleeves. J Crew insists on repeating this silhouette and I don't get it. It just makes me feel like Judy Jetson. This silk version might be perfect for tucking into skirts and shorts or perhaps the factory version?  This GAP version also looks pretty cute but I'm a little worried about those sleeves.

 V-Neck Band-Sleeve Top in Palm (size 0)
J. Crew does tons of these little tops every season. They are great to throw on under a sweater or blazer and definitely feel a bit dressier than your average tee. I like the color of the palm print - really beautifu shade of blue. My norma size (for this type of top) felt good to maybe slightly snug on my bust. It's a bit on the longer side so I might think about the Petite but the armholes were great. If you're looking for an off-the-shoulder version of Palm Print, how adorable is this shirt? This one is in black and white, but the price is more affordable. This one also looks swingy and cute.

Haven't had much of a chance to check out new arrivals but hoping to have some free time to do so soon. What have you liked?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Banana Republic Reviews: Spring has arrived and it is lovely!

Busy busy busy. That marks this time of year, basically until the school year ends. And sleepy sleepy sleepy. Whew, I get those kids down and all I want to do is crawl in my bed, cuddle with the cat and snooze. Plus it is snowing here today, a lot! What the what? There is some crazy stuff going on...

Anyway, I've mostly been ordering some things and trying them on at home since I haven't had much time to actually hit the shops and one of my new faves has been Banana Republic. They are really making some cute stuff lately.
Love these new Sloan Pants in the Geo print. I didn't give them much mind when I saw them online but really like them on my body. I liked the way the size 2 fit but am going to try the Petite version (which is $79.99 + 40% off right now) since the length is usually better. Plus I seem to be settling firmly between a 0 and a 2 at most retailers so a P2 is really splitting the difference for me.
These denim shorts are also adorable - just the right amount of distressing and very comfortable. Size down at least 1 size. Also loving the Ryan-Fit Floral Pant (again the P2 fit me best). And my biggest love is this Dillon-Fit Pindot Shirt (took my usual XS) that is a great way to pattern mix with just about anything. Not on sale in stores but $48.99 + 40% off online.
I'll try to post pics of those items soon. In the meantime, here are some items I made it to the store to try on.

Floral Strappy Dress (size 2)
I felt like a lovely ballerina in this dress. The skirt needed to be ironed better - it was poufing out at the hips but mostly because they had just unpacked it. My usual size 2 JUST fit. It was mostly tight across the chest which makes sense since I am pretty busty. The waist was also just fitting.

Nonetheless gorgeous. Would be so nice for a summer wedding with a little shawl or cardigan.

 Gerber Daisy Pencil Skirt (size 0)
I liked this skirt a lot but would probably go for the P0. I think it runs a little bit big. The colors of this print are so gorgeous IRL. I did feel like the size of the print was a little large for someone of my stature. I'd have to play around with what I would put on top and of course heels/wedges would be a must. Can't decide if I like the print better or the Watercolor Pencil Skirt print better.

 Ryan-Fit Chambray Lightweight Wool Slim-Straight Pant (size 0)
Ooooo. LOVE these. Such perfect work pants. I get a little nervous when the word "wool" is in the title. I can handle wool sweaters but I am really sensitive to wool pants. These didn't feel like wool at all. The chambray is not a true chambray but sort of a dressy version of it that I loved. Most of all I loved the fit - nicely shaped to my bum without being adhered to it. Nice slim leg without looking like a legging. I bought the chambray sloans earlier this year so I don't think I can justify another pair of chambray work pants but I'm thinking about it. The size 0 felt perfect to maybe slightly loose so definitely go with the smaller of your two sizes. This style also comes in Black, Grey, Pinstripe, Floral  and Dot so choose your poison.

 Blue Belted Midi Skirt (size 0), this one on sale (looks the same to me weird...)
As far as this type of skirt is concerned, it lays well and is a nice neutral color. It is a LOT of fabric and somehow that fabric is pretty weighty. It's just not a good match for my shape but I liked it fine.

 Striped Terry Boatneck Top (XS)
STRIPES STRIPES. I love stripes. Love that this is terry. Super duper cute and different with the vertical stripes on the side panels. Got me thinking about more stripes like this this simple terry stripe top from Club Monaco. Yes.

Really loving what I'm seeing right now and just patiently waiting for some more things to go on sale. Have you had any luck with Banana Republic lately?