Saturday, June 30, 2012

J Crew and Banana Republic Reviews - Trina Turk

I LOVE Trina Turk. Her prints are so cherry and whimsical. I have the most gorgeous silk dress that I got on sale at Nordstrom last year. Her clothes fit well and are always unique, so, I was super excited about her collaboration with Banana Republic. Stores are pretty cleared out of her apparel but I found a few things to try on the other day.

Trina Turk Pisces Top in Pisces Print Warm Com (size 0 or 2)

It's very cute and the fit is pretty nice. I did find that it was a little tight on the hips. My problem is that I just cannot see wearing this anywhere but a beach town. It feels so Florida beachy and I just can't see it fitting into my "New England" lifestyle.

Trina Turk Crazy Botanical Top (size 2) 
This top is way too boxy for me. The silk is delightful and I think the price point is right but not a flattering shape.

Now on to a few more J Crew sale reviews!
The recent promotion and low in-store prices have sort of reignited my love affair with J Crew. I've missed you old friend and I'm happy to go back to you for a few classic wardrobe staples.

I went up a size because the linen is so see through. What bothered me is that the main color is like a dingewater tan. Literally looks like dirty bath water. Plus, how practical is a see through baseball shirt? I don't think I could be bothered to wear a camisole underneath.

 Colorblock-stripe Henley (XS) in navy bright cobalt
Cute, slightly snug, way too booby. Woah. Again, cannot be bothered with a camisole under a standard tee. I like the colors of the other colorway better. Could it be that I'm getting striped out?

Tippi Sweater in Linen in Brilliant Purple (XS)
Ah.... love it. Love the color, the slight slouchiness, the linen. I LOVE linen knits in summer. So comfy and perfect.

Glad to drink a little Crewlade these days. No one does sweaters and pencil skirts like them.

Friday, June 29, 2012

J Crew Review - Steals and Deals

I really haven't gone into J Crew lately but I couldn't resist hearing about all the bargains that could be had over on Gigi's Gone Shopping and J Crew Aficionada. I've had some bad luck with my online forays but did find a few goodies in the store. 30% off plus an additional 15% with educator discount is pretty good!

Tippi Sweater in Garment-Dyed Linen (XS) in Neon Pink and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Caribbean Tweed (size 2)

I adore the colors in this skirt and the wonderful tweediness of it. Delish. I think this is a year round skirt. I love wearing bright colors in winter and I think if you pair it with a nice thick navy sweater and some boots it will look great. It fits like a dream and although I agree with other bloggers that the little pocket on the front is a bit odd, it doesn't bother me. Snagged for $29.74!
I have the Linen Tippi in the purple color and actually came back for the neon pink one. I sort of chickend out however because I'm not sure I feel comfortable in something this bright.

Holy moly neon! Woah. This skirt is $34.99 in stores but I found the fit just slightly tighter and sort of off. The tweed was stretching around my tush in an unflattering way and it made me look a little lumpy bumpy from the side. Such a shame because I could have had it for $20.82!

This sweater is adorable and fits differently than the other linen tippis. I almost caved but I'm trying to chill it with the stripes. This is a size small than the other Tippis and still felt pretty blousy.

I did make a red phone order for the Bennett Chinos in Sweet Caramel for $17.24. They are still full price online! These pants are quite slim but very flattering with a longer tunic or button down shirt untucked.

Also caved on the Tillary Purse in Warm Sienna. Lovely little purse in the perfect color and got it for $41.64!

Anyone else score some amazing deals in store? Really beats shopping online right now...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Merrily Wedges, Oroya Echo Skirt, Unexpected Artiste Top, Gilded Estate Skirt, Take Flight Tank, Leaf and Arrow Skirt and Glass Tiles Tank

Some reviews!

Unexpected Artiste Top (XS) in blue motif
This reminds me of the Two Harbors Sweater from this past winter. Oddly, even though I am only 5'4", I found myself wishing for a bit more length. It's really pretty though and creates a nice shape

I think it is verging on outrageous to charge over $100 for an elastic waist, viscose skirt. But maybe that's just me. The print is basically cute and the length is fine but it sort of just hangs like a sack. Needs  a big belt for sure. 

Merrily Wedges (size 7.5)

Oh my God. I think these shoes are so freakin' cute. The color is wonderful and the little decorations are so precious. My one problem is that they don't stay on my feet that well. I have sort of wide feet because of a bunion so my foot probably doesn't go as far forward as it should in the shoe. Thus, I'm basically holding the shoe on with my toes. I generally wear a size 7.5 in closed-toe shoes and 7 in open toed shoes so I have these coming to me in a 7. Perhaps with a little stretching across the toe band they will be the perfect fit. 

Gilded Estate Skirt (size 2) and Take Flight Tank in Green Motif (size S)

This is my usual skirt size of 2. I might have been able to fit into a zero as well. The color of this skirt is mesmerizing. I want to swim in its beautiful tidal pools. But the ruching!!! AH!!!! It is terrible. I don't mind the slight ruching on my Peppering Skirt at all and in general I find ruching flattering but not on this skirt. I felt like it added width to my hips. Boo.

I ordered this tank online in the bird motif because I am bird obsessed but I didn't love it. I ordered the size XS which fit but was a little short for what I wanted.

Take Flight Tank (S) and Leaf and Arrow Skirt (size 2)

So the S in the tank is a bit too big and it has that dreaded a-line shape that is not good at all for bustier ladies. That means the shirt hangs off the biggest part of my breast and then just keep going outward. Bummer because I love these tanks just not for me.
The skirt confuses me. It just does nothing. I LOVE a good stretchy drawstring skirt in the summer but this one hung and clung in all the wrong places. The background of the print is a little too beige-y for me.

Glass Tiles Tank (size 2 and size 0 respectively)
I originally thought the size 2 was too big but I like the way it draped and the length.

The size 0 fit a bit more snugly but that sort of messed with the draping in the front. This tank is quite gorgeous in person. Prints vary from top to top and I definitely prefer the print above. $50 for a silk top is not bad at all but I may try to wait for second cut.

The tee week this sale was pretty fun. I snagged a few things for incredibly low prices! How about you?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

J Crew Reviews -

I've been drinking way less Crewlade these days and so have had less reviews to post but here are a few things I recently ordered with the 30% off sale promo:

Knit Tunic Dress (?) (XS)

This seems to be currently sold out in this color. It is a nice substantial cotton knit but I would probably only wear it as a cover up. The shape is a bit... well... shapeless. I think I was hoping for more of a shapely tunic to wear over leggings of a little mini-dress.

 Garment-Dyed Drawstring Shirtdress (size 2)

This dress is really cute. I like it better with a belt than the drawstring because in general I find drawstring waists unflattering. The cotton is thick and soft and the length is right. So why did I return it? I just felt like it was a bit boring. If it went on sale even further I might reconsider but darn do I hate an unstructured waist. My usual size 2 felt good. The sleeves are a bit bulky to roll. You know how usually sleeves arrive pre-rolled so perfectly that you never want to unroll them knowing you would never be able to get them to look as perfect? Well not these. Very lumpy. Definitely needed some pressing or something :)

Anyone else try this dress and love it?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anthropologie Review - Askew Ikat Shift

I loved this whole collection by Lousada Heyhoe. The prints were so rich and the pieces beautifully made. This dress has a full slip underneath and even little bra strap holders. I was happy to see this reappear on the sale rack. That being said, it does eerily resemble a hospital gown in some ways. I'm drawn to the easy breeziness of it but am not sure of how to style it or if it looks flattering. LOVE the silk. If I did not have a small child I think I would wear silk every day. Delicious.

Askew Ikat Shift (XS)

styled with old Anthropologie gold skinny belt

with the Lemniscate Belt

I love these shoes with it! A complementary shade of pink in an awesome 70's platform.

If I could get the dress shortened I think it would be a no-brainer for me but the pattern forbids it. I wouldn't want to trim off the border of the pattern but I think if the dress was shorted it would look better. I remember this one being tight in the hips when I tried it on for the first time but it didn't feel snug this time. Many reviewers have complained about that part of it.

Anyone own this dress? Thoughts?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bailey 44 Scully Pencil Skirt - Styled!

I have been holding on to the Scully Pencil Skirt forever hoping to find something to go with it. I knew I wanted something sort of cropped on top to balance out the long sleek bottom. Plus, tucking in is not really an option with a stretch jersey pencil skirt. 

Well, lo and behold I came across these adorable Free People tops at TJ Maxx the other day. Normally I considering myself aged out of Free People clothes but these are really cute. Cropped crisp cotton with a long row of snaps at the shoulders and some lovely embroidery. Wasn't sure if a neutral color would look better or the navy so here are some pics:

Here's a close-up of the embroidery which is more subtle on the blue.

Puff Sleeve Pullover in Cocoon (XS)

Here it is slightly more work appropriate with the Puff Sleeve Pullover by Banana Republic. They were running an extra 30% off in store the other day and this sweater was on sale (but not on the website). I think it looks fine but nothing too exciting.

I think this is sort of interesting. The cropped length is good and the lace adds a little textural interest. Still not sure how I feel about this top on ME but I think it's a decent look.

Ann Taylor Loft Space Dye 3/4 Sleeve Scoopneck Sweater (PS) in Toasted Oat
Got this sweater for $12! I really like this as a more demure option, brings the sexy quotient down. Slightly slouchy but fitted enough and the length is perfect!

 Garnet Hill Easy Open-Neck Sweater (XS) in Soft Aqua
I have been obsessed with these Garnet Hill sweaters - so sparkly and finely knit. I think slouchy works with this skirt. A review of the sweaters to come!

How do you style this skirt?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anthropologie - a Scattered Heartsease and others

Some random reviews that I have been meaning to post. Without further ado...

Brimming Borders Mini-Dress (size 2)

I think the picture speaks for itself. I'm finding that Leifnotes fits even larger than Leifsdottir (although sometimes Leifsdottir runs really small too - I can't seem to get it right!). This looks great in the model shot so hers must have been tailored down - it doesn't look as billowy. I love a good little blousey dress but this was frumptastic. Interesting patterns but looks like a demented muumuu on.

The fit on this is lovely and great to throw on over jeans but the print was a bit too spastic for me. I had read the reviews that said the colors were neon and they were not lying. Swing but a miss.

Upstaged Tee (XS)

I've tried this one on before and didn't give it a second thought until I read all of Roxy's favorable reviews of it over on Effortless Anthropologie. I'm still on the fence but tune in tomorrow when I pair it with the Scully Skirt for success!

Scattered Heartsease Blouse (size 2)
OMG I LOVE THIS PRINT. I do not love the style though. Too much. And the little leather straps are adorable but a bit too S&M something for me. Sigh. Not too much of a difference between the 2 and 4. I probably would have taken the 2.

Scattered Heartsease Skirt (size 4)

I thought I'd try with the skirt instead. Hmm. As I get older I find I am way more comfortable with short and straight rather than short and schoolgirly. This made me feel like a funky figure skater and not in a good way. The size 4 felt pretty generous so I might size down to a 2 but then the skirt would be even shorter.

Are you ever disappointed when you love a print so much but the style just doesn't work?