Monday, October 31, 2011

J Crew Reviews - New Arrivals Part II - Blouson Dress in Polka Dot, Colorblock-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee, Cafe Trouser, Talia Top in Seine Stripe, Boy Shirt in blue vintage camp flannel

Blouson Dress in Polka Dot (size 2)

This dress really did not work for me, which is a shame, because the polka dots are adorable. It has a similar shape to the Lace Blouson dress which I blogged about before but it fit quite differently. The size 2 almost felt too big but the elastic waist fell at the oddest part of my body. Not empire, but not at the waist either. It kept on riding up and if I pulled it down it was too low cut on the bodice.

Colorblock-stripe long-sleeve tee (XXS) and Cafe Trouser (size 2) in Desert (on sale for $49.99 in store)

Love the striped tee - nice to see stripes that are not nautical. Really like the Cafe trouser as well but I feel like I am in between sizes.  I have learned to buy my pants quite tight since they are inevitably stretched out by the end of the day but the size 0's felt a bit too tight. Really flattering pants though.

Talia Top in Seine Stripe (size 2)

I really love this top. It has an ease about it that the regular Talia doesn't have. The beige stripe is darker than it appears on the website. The sleeves are not quite a bell but also loose. Love it. Really wish it came in more colors. Also think they should not call it a Talia since it is a different shape.

The color is vibrant and lovely but the overall feel is way too lumberjack. The fabric is thick and nubby like an old LLBean flannel shirt and it made me feel a bit too masculine. In a lighter fabric, I would like it.

Crewlet reviews coming next!!!! And a review of another new tartan shirt.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

J Crew - New Arrivals - Talia Top in Royal Paisley, No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley, Glimmer Long Sleeve Tee and Shimmer Bow Sweater

Popped in to check out some of the new arrivals (and the crewcuts section that has finally come). There are some real winners in the most recent release. I really love some of the new colors and shapes... although as usual I will probably play the wait till it goes on sale waiting game...

I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to clothes. LOVE me some sparkle and shimmer especially when it is gold! This sweater is lovely. Love the shape, the color and the little tie at the back. I've been lusting after the goldmine sweater but not willing to shell out $138. This is a great alternative. One problem - I found it really itchy. Darn.

This is very similar to last season's drapey sequin tee. I do find the fit of this one to be a bit more generous - I remember the XS being very tight on me last year. The other addition is the little side vents which I love. It's the little details that count!

The colors are quite vibrant in real life. It's pretty but I don't love paisley patterns. I will say that this top is 100% rayon which makes it drape slightly better than the other Talia but feel slightly cheaper. I find it a bit shocking that this top is actually $8 more expensive than the silk version.

Talia Top in Royal Paisley with No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley (size 2)

I thought I'd try these 2 on together like they do online. It almost works! The pencil skirt is lovely and lined and fits great - although I would say it felt almost slightly bigger in the waist then my other pencil skirts. It's a teensy bit on the long side for my taste.

 More tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Trace the Stars Blouse, Liquid Acres Skirt, Bilberry Dress, Hallowell Cowlneck, Gradated Diamonds Skirt, Tokonoma Tee

A few of my wishlist items popped into sale this week so I ordered some other things I've been wanting to pull the trigger on as well.

Trace the Stars Blouse (size 2 and 0)

I had such high hopes for this blouse. The constellation print is to die for. Love it love it love it. The fabric is also a very nice silk. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the blouse does this weird poufing thing right above the waist. It is really unflattering. I would almost consider sizing up to a 4 to see if I could get it to work but the arms are a little poufy for me as well. Insert major sad face here. Boo.

Tokonoma Tee (size 0) $49.95 (sale)

I've been waiting for this to go on sale forever. Now that I have it, I think I may actually like my Pointilist Pond Blouse better! The colors are so lovely on this one and I like the relaxed fit but it is a REALLY simple blouse. Just two panels of silk pieced together. I'm on the fence now.

Hallowell Cowlneck (size S) $148.00

This was the one item I saw in the catalogue that I thought I had to have. I love cownecks and I love big cozy sweaters. It comes in other colors but I you can't see the detail as much on them. The cowlneck is HUGE. So big, in fact, I don't really know what to do with it. In the middle picture you can see that it is rather wide in front. I wish the hem in front were as long as the back. I do still kind of love it but would not pay full price.

Bilberry Dress (XS) $69.95

Okay, I know, where the heck do you wear a crocheted dress? I surely don't know but I want to find a place. I have no reason to own this dress but again I sort of love it. It is so absolutely different from anything else in my wardrobe. I almost think you could winterize it with tights and a long tee underneath and boots. The self belt is even cute but I think I could use a real belt to add a bit more waist definition.

In real life I thought I like the skirt but seeing this pictures - meh. Many reviewers commented about the fabric not lining up correctly in the back and they are right! I am trying to show that in the 2nd pic. It IS a silk skirt for $40 which is nice and the length is perfect for 5'4'' me. I think I'll pass but it is a nice option for those looking to get a maxi skirt. Lays well despite the elastic waist.

 Liquid Acres Skirt (size 2) $59.95

This skirt fits beautifully - as good if not better than La Crew's pencil skirts. It is a heavy weight fabric and the colors could go with a lot. My usual size 2 has to be worn higher on the waist so I would like to try on a size 4. Might be too big in the hips then though. The length is perfect for me. I don't like skirts below my knee since I'm on the short side.

I have a bunch of JC new arrivals and Outlet reviews coming up....

Anyone else grab any coveted items at the most recent Anthro sale?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Printed Boy Tee, Top Sail Maxi, Frilled Echelons Peacoat, Hallstatt Plaid Cape


Printed Boy Tee, Bugs (size M) $19.95

How I love the concept but just didn't do much for me. The cotton is incredibly soft but since there is no spandex in there I have to size up for my chest. Bugs adorable, high neck and shape not so much.

Helping Hands Top (size M) $19.95
See above. Cute print, nice cotton but see through and too high of a neck for me.

Hallstatt Plaid Cape (one size) $79.95 

I LOVE the plaid on this thing. Gorgeous. But the shape was just too big and I couldn't quite figure out of the belt went over or under or what in the back. Very cool but too shapeless for me.

Frilled Echelons Peacoat (size 4?)

This is sold out online presently. The color is divine and the idea is great. I'm not a big ruffles kind of girl but I can see the attraction. Unique. One thing I didn't like was the way the buttons lined up in front. You can see it in the top picture - they sort of look lopsided, like there is something wrong with the construction of the coat.

Top Sail Maxi Dress (XS) $79.95

I have already professed my love for this dress but thought I would post some better pictures. It is dreamily comfortable and although slightly clingy I don't feel naked and didn't even notice a panty line. I do think I will have the straps taken up which will make it able to be worn without the tee and will help me with the length. Still on the fence about definitely keeping it but am leaning towards yes....

Hoping for a few new cuts tomorrow on items I have been watching. Also expecting my Trace the Stars blouse to arrive this week and I will review it as soon as it comes!

Monday, October 24, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Vintage Cotton Stripe Shoulder Zip Tee, Tartan Shirt, Unknown Dress

I couldn't resist popping in for the 30% off in-store promo but didn't really see much that caught my eye. I do find that I am continually drawn to the same things at J Crew - well done stripes and button shirts. While there is nothing wrong with this, per se, I'm trying to branch out into other areas of fashion! That being said - the good, the okay and the ugly.

Unknown Tartan Shirt (size 4)

I literally can't help myself when it comes to Tartan prints in fall. This lovely doesn't seem to be up on the website yet but I love it. The red and green stripes are quite bright and provide a nice pop of color. I usually wear a size 2 in these shirts and I'm sure that would have been fine - I was just too lazy to look for one. 

Vintage Cotton Stripe Shoulder Zip Tee (various) on sale for $29.99

Flapper Grey (XXS)

Spicy Cinnamon (XS)

Navy (XS)

Navy (XXS)

I have professed my love for this shirt before here . I keep on swearing off stripes but that is difficult when that is all you see in all the stores! Anyway - couldn't resist the grey one since it doesn't feel quite as nautical. As you can see from the pics the XXS is more fitted but I like the casualness of the XS. Plus I'm quite busty so a little extra room never hurts.

Unknown Wool Knit Sale Dress (size 2)

I was quite surprised that I couldn't find this dress anywhere on J Crew's website. The material is a thick knit, truly yummy, and the overall shape is lovely. HOWEVER, the hips are knitted for someone with much larger hips than your average JC size 2 so they stick out really oddly. It's a shame because it's a nice dress but the hip thing is a deal breaker.

Can't believe JC is running another 30% off promo this morning.... come on Cowlneck Poncho... pop back... please....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anthropologie Review - Top Sail Maxi Dress

Finding a good maxi dress when your cup runneth over can be quite challenging. This dress, with its loose little t-shirt over-layer, solves that problem. I LOVE this dress. The cotton is not so thick so I simply cannot buy it for the price it is currently being offered at but if it goes on sale.... maybe. Deliciously relaxed and stylish. I apologize for the quality of the photos.

Top Sail Maxi Dress (size XS)

The pics do not do it justice. It is adorable and makes me feel instantly groovy.

There is talk that it might go on sale soon...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lands End Review - Women's Joanne Classic Driving Mocs

In my efforts to dress a bit more professionally for work, I have been looking for functional but slightly more fun shoes. I moved from NYC to a car culture about a year ago so I have a closet full of comfort shoes. I walked EVERYWHERE in NYC and I am not great in heels so I have lots of Clarks, Timberlands, and Born shoes. They are awesome and some of them are quite cute but... I realize that now that I drive almost everywhere (sigh) I can probably step it up in the shoe department.

Ha! Apparently not. I am still always attracted to comfortable shoes - but these are so cute and currently on sale!

Joanne Classic Driving Mocs in Dusty Autumn Sunset

These shoes are so cute and totally wearable right out of the box. They are also a more subdued shade of orange than either the website or my photo indicates. Many review online said they ran narrow but I have weirdly wide feet and I didn't find that at all. They have all this crazy padding in the footbed that makes them super comfortable but they don't look like some of my super-dork comfort shoes.

Definitely recommend especially for $40. Found them TTS.

There is an extra 20% off ending tonight with code FALLBONUS PIN 9877
Free shipping with $50 minimum (but that is BEFORE discounts unlike JC)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boden Reviews - Paris Cardigan, Colourblock Cuff Top

Boden is having a 30% off catch of the day sale today so go go go! They have some great sweaters on sale and they rarely offer a discount this big so check it out!

Paris Cardigan (size US 4) in Caramel

I love the idea of a short sleeved cardigan. I have one in grey that I wear over everything because I love showing a little peek of whatever shirt I am wearing underneath. This sweater looks so cute and stylish on the model but I did not like it on me. Too long and the color is darker than I expected. It looks camel colored in the photos which I was hoping for but it really is more of a true caramel color. The wool is super soft, in fact I was sure it was part acrylic, but it's not. I think it's too heavy or something because it just doesn't hang well on the body. Sad face.

Colourblock Cuff Top (Size 4) in Navy

So I know I blogged about this before but I would like to say that I really prefer this top in Navy. Super cute. Also, I think I might size up to a 6. When I am standing up and sort of still it fits fine but as I started moving around I noticed it felt a bit tight (in reviews on the website many people comment on the lack of stretchiness and tightness in the back). This top is soooo cute and I would keep it but the elastic cuffs are still a dealbreaker. Such a shame - just really cheapens it. Again, insert sad face here.

I am still debating on the Breton Tunic - it is slightly itchy but super cute - i actually really like it over jeans. Hmmm....