Monday, December 31, 2012

J Crew Reviews: Shirts: Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan and Keeper Chambray Shirt

I have quite the collection of J Crew buttondowns and I wear them ALL the time. Makes me feel instantly semi-polished :) I was immediately drawn to the Grey Tartan shirt and tried it out during one of the recent promos. My factory chambray shirt somehow doesn't really fit anymore so I have also been on the prowl for a lightweight chambray shirt.... here are the results!

Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan (size 2)

I think my body posture even looks sad and schlumpy in these photos. I love looking at the shirt but don't love looking at it on me. A bit too lumberjack or something - made me feel wider than I am. It is a nice, slightly thicker material and I love it on so many bloggers! Maybe the slightly larger lighter tartan is unflattering to busty gals? I'm not sure.

This is cute. I appreciate the roll tab sleeves. Don't love the boob fading. Was I rolling around on the hay for too long? The fit is slightly oversized - I might seek a size 0 if I am serious about keeping this one. Somethings tell me I might be able to do better although this is close!

Anyone else own these? 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

J. Crew Review: Oversized Merino Pocket Sweater

This has been much blogged about and with all the recent free shipping promos I thought I would give it a try. I'm always looking for a slightly longer, slouchier sweater to wear with my ever-increasing array of skinny pants/jeans.

Oversized Merino Pocket Sweater  (in heather grey and nightfall blue) (XS)

Hmm... Maybe I'm too short for this style? I was glad it covered my butt but it just looked frumpy. Like the grey better than the nightfall blue (does anyone else feel like it is sort of an odd/unflattering shade of teal?) The vee is pretty low so definitely requires a cami/shirt something underneath. And although the pockets are a darling touch, they also cause the sweater to be a little lumpy. I would actually prefer no pockets. For this price, a pass, but perhaps I would revisit on sale or in the XXS. Afraid that one might be too snug. 

Anyone else try this in the XXS and like it? Have it and love it?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Madewell Reviews - Silk Gingham Boy Shirt and Long-Sleeve Tunic Dress

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been on break because of my feline friend. I did, however, try on a lot of clothes over the holidays so I thought I better start posting those reviews now or they would never get done!

I rarely get to go to a Madewell store as the closest one is an hour away and this time I had to move quickly because I didn't have much time but here are two goodies that I found:

Madewell Silk Gingham Boyshirt (XS)

Love, love, mega love. The color is gorgeous and the fit is amazing. This was an XS and for some reason it fit much smaller than other x-smalls I have tried on at Madewell. This is especially strange since I read some reviews on ShopBop and people claimed it ran big. Anyhoo, I store ordered a Small which is arriving today and I really hope it's not humongous. The fit through the body of the shirt was wonderful but it was a little too tight across the bust. 

Madewell Long-Sleeve Tunic Dress (XS) in Stately Purple

I sort of loved this. Like wearing a nightgown but more elegant. My mother-in-law, however, thought it looked like a nightgown and wasn't flattering and I trust her opinion! The most outrageous thing is that it is $155 and made of rayon. It was definitely on sale in store but I can't remember how much. The last pic is to show how the seaming across the "dropped waist" type thing is sort of lumpy bumpy and unflattering. I still love the idea of it and could be tempted on super sale as something to wear over skinny jeans.

Anyone else find a dress at Madewell this season?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A reverent break for a pal

Besides all the holiday shenanigans, I have taken a break for another reason. My dear, dear cat of 11 years got stomach cancer and had to be put down. Let me tell you - this might be one of the hardest things I have gone through. My whole life I have had a pet/pets. I grew up in the country riding horses, spending time on my friends' farms and generally cultivating a love for all things animal! I think my childhood was lonely at times - my parents were divorced, my sisters were much older, and having a pet was such a comfort for me. A friend who would always be there to greet me and comfort me.

My gorgeous gal was not a cat that others loved as much. She was reticent about strangers coming over to the house and even hissed at my husband sometimes. But, to me she was adoring. Following me around waiting to be pet. Coming to bed as soon as I did and waiting for me to pull back the covers so she could crawl under and sleep next to me. I miss her! She was a giant part of my home life.

Thanks, friend, for your gift of unconditional love for these past 11 years. We will miss you here at home.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - 2 dresses

Did a quick fly-by at Anthro to check out the sale section. I feel like some real gems turn up in the sale section every couple of weeks and I'm always happy to snag a nice item at a heavily discounted price. Nothing for me this time but I did manage to try on 2 dresses:

Port Maria Chemise (XS)

Woah, woah, woah! Pic #2 is a little risque :). I love lounge items because they are so much cheaper than the full price stuff but often as cute. I love the idea of this dress but the XS was too va-va-voom for a casual dress and the S felt pretty baggy. The neckline is pretty wide and the material a bit on the thin side but the overall idea of the dress is cute. Wasn't sure where or how I would wear this.

Overall this dress is gorgeous (although a bit overpriced for polyester). The lace-like top is beautiful and the deep vee quite flattering (and it fit which is surprising). What I didn't love was how the tulip skirt fell. I love tulip skirts but I do find it's hard to find one the drapes in a flattering way. Made me feel too hippy from the front and too preggos from the side. Alas. I think on the right body shape this could be quite lovely.

Think we'll see a percentage off soon? I hope so!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Emerson Fry Review - Emerson Shirting in Lilac Floral

Emerson Fry is really an amazing company. Free shipping and returns and the most delightful clothing wrapped in the most sumptuous packaging. It makes me feel like some 5th Avenue diva with money to spare. Their price points are quite high, and this has been what has kept me away, but the quality is usually there. I had been stalking this Lilac Floral shirt since it was released and next thing I knew it was sold out! Much to my delight, one lone XS popped back the other night and I snagged it.

Emerson Shirting in Lilac Floral  (XS)

I'm not a huge floral person but I love this print. Something so whimsical about it without being too over the top girly. The sleeves are also lovely with 3 buttons at the cuffs. The shirt can be worn as just a silk popover blouse, or you can add the separate sash. I sort of like it all buttoned up and "secretaried-out". The beauty of my popback experience is that I even got it for $98! The cost of a Blythe. Woo woo.
My past experience with shirts from this brand is that the XS is a bit tight for me but this XS is perfect. The silk is thick and lovely to wear.

Here's the one problem. I noticed a few tiny pulled threads and what I think are a few stains. I think this was definitely a return. They'll probably come out and I think the threads will be fine but I'm a bit disappointed. The good thing about shopping at a brand like this is I expect the will offer excellent customer service. I'm calling tomorrow and will let you know!

What do you think? Own any Emerson Fry pieces?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer in Suede

I need another pair of flats like I need another hole in the head but I just can't help myself! These are so cute! And I definitely prefer a slightly pointier toe because I think it's more flattering to the foot. And leg for that matter.

Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer in Suede  in Bandana Red (on sale for $69.99? in store)

These felt slightly big - like maybe I could have sized down to a 7. I have big ol' lovely bunions on the side of my feet so maybe I would stick with this size and deal with a little shot of toe cleavage. The suede feels so flexible and the base of the shoe also feel quite comfortable. The color is really saturated and gorgeous. 

I also tried the Sidewalk Skimmer in Glitter and that felt more TTS. Stiffer of course because of the glitter but still quite comfortable and a little snugger so no fear of falling off. 

These flats are so adorable and classic. If I actually needed more flats I would pick some up in almost every color.

Anyone else own and love?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Critter Craze - Foxes at Old Navy

The critter craze (and my personal favorite, fox craze) continues! This sweater is currently on sale for only $15 and although the cute animals are currently sold out online my local store just got a ton of them.

Old Navy Softest Printed-Crew Sweater  (XS in first photo, S in second 2 photos)

EEEK! Fox! I adore thee. Listen, this sweater is not exactly going to stand the test of time but for $15 it is pretty hella cute. I even like the shade of brown. Here is my one problem - it is SO LONG. The 2nd picture shows that it's almost like a tunic. I thought the XS might be better but it is about the same lengthwise, just snugger. I'm not sure I like this sweater super snug. 

It is also comes in sheep and owls. Both very cute but I have a penchant for foxes.

Anyone else own this and notice the length issue? How does it hold up after washing?
What do you think?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

J. Crew Review - Blythe Blouse in silk in Mauve Blush

Blythe Blouse in silk (size 2) in Mauve Blush

Excuse the poetic reflecting on my life by the window shot. I was trying to get some sunlight in my dark little apartment to help show the true color of the blouse. This is standard Blythe Blouse fare. Definitely fits on the slightly blousey side (which I like). The color is pretty true to the one you see on the website. I wouldn't call it too lavender/mauve-y. It definitely reads as more of a soft pink - very pretty actually.

I will say I don't like how the shininess of the material looks in the lighter colors. I don't mind it on my extravagant green blythe or the polka dot but on this one it bothered me.

I think my next purchase will be this Madewell one since it has only one pocket and the color is gorgeous:

Madewell Solid Silk Boyshirt

See my review here. Wish I had remembered to snag it this morning when I snagged some popbacks. Alas.

Anyone else have a favorite silk blouse out there?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anthropologie Review - Cap Sleeve Column Dress

Okay, so I know the Bailey 44 column dress love is not exactly a new thing. But, I have found that this particular iteration of their famous dresses has not received quite the same amount of love. When it got reduced to $49.95 I knew I had to give it a try. I also knew that I wanted to size up because I wanted this dress to be more work appropriate than date night appropriate. So instead of my usual S (and even XS) is fine, I went with the medium.

Is it truly work appropriate? Debatable. But, I LOVE the size medium! It's still comfortable and moderately sexy but not at all uber sexy like I feel in my pieced column dress seen here. I really like the neutral tan color with the pop of almost fluorescent orange on the stripes. I can see traveling in this dress and being very comfortable and chic. I think throwing a smart blazer or long cardigan will balance out the sexiness at work.

What do you think?

What is your favorite Bailey 44 dress?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Morning Birds Sweatercoat and Avian Myth Shift

Two quickie reviews. More to come this week!


There's been a lot of talk about this sweatcoat. Honestly, I bought it because there was free shipping and I was really hoping that 50% off sweater promo was coming! It is SO SOFT and warm and delicious and did I mention I love birds and the color navy. I want to live in this. I actually don't find it so fashionably fabulous but I do think it's something I would enjoy wearing. A lot. XS felt good. Surprisingly I really liked it unbelted - less robe-like.

Avian Myth Shift (size 4)

I've reviewed this dress before. This is a size up from my normal 2 which felt right as the size 2 was crazy tight on my hips. I love the shape of this dress and the lovely low vee in the back. However, I think the gold skirt and the weird "aztec" patterns are sort of cheap looking. It's a shame because $39.95 is a great price for a dress but I just don't love the pattern or the gold fabric (and I love gold!).

Hope these help! And hope there are some good promos this week!