Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reviews - J Crew and Anthro - Pieced Column Dress and Scully Pencil Skirt, Boy Shirt in Carrick Tartan and Joe's Kicker

Whew. It's been a while. Things have been crazy! May is just a whirlwind of activity for teachers - busy busy busy. The worst part is the kids already have one foot out the door into summer so it's a bit of a struggle to get to the end. Anyway, between recitals, shows and a new job (yay!) I've been distracted. So here are a few randoms to get my back in touch with le monde du blogging...

Boy Shirt in Carrick Tartan (size 2) and Joe's Kicker, Lainey (size 26)

Do you ever stalk an item for so long that by the time you get it you think, hmm... really? That's initially how I felt about finally receiving the boy shirt in Carrick Tartan. But, I do think it looks seriously cute with the little cropped jeans. I just can't decide if it looks too butch :). The jeans are very cute and comfortable but I actually wish they were about 2 inches longer so that they would hit the top of my feet. That's where I like my jeans to hit. A little on the fence about them especially since I'm getting sort of a double bubble from the back. 

Pieced Column Dress (XS on left, S on right)




As you can see, there is not a tremendous amount of difference between the S and XS. The biggest difference I noticed was that the skirt hung a little funny in the front in the S. This dress is amazing and although it PAINS me to pay full price, pay I will because it makes me feel like a sexy momma.

Scully Pencil Skirt (size XS)

Speaking of Bailey 44, this is the Scully Pencil Skirt. Also fabulous, but here is my problem. I think it really requires a sort of cropped loose shape on top but I cannot find anything! This is an old Tracy Reese top that I love. It looks okay but still not the look I am going for. On the fence with this one. The skirt definitely runs bigger than the dress. Even the XS feels slightly big. And the waist band is weird - if it's not flipped the right way the layers don't lay well.

Is anyone else disappointed about the lack of extra percent off at Anthro? 

Will be scouting out JC extra 30% options this weekend online since I don't think I dare enter a store.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love the dress on you. You're right, not much difference on s and xs on you. The pattern is so cute but for some reason, I like it much better with the dress than the skirt :)

  2. I like the fit of the size S dress on you better. You may want to try JC's peasant blouse to pair with the Scully skirt, which looks great on you! I agree, you need a cropped top to fully showcase the pretty skirt!

  3. You look great in the Pieced Column Dress. I agree, the xs looks better from all angles. I've been seriously considering this dress. Right now I think it's available in several renditions. Have you tried any of them? I really like the white, but it doesn't come in petite.

  4. I was inclined to say the S fit a smidge better till you pointed out the skirt. I think the dress is meant to be fitted and the XS makes the skirt lay in the right way. Love the dress!