Saturday, June 9, 2012

J Crew Factory Reviews - Casbah Crazy

I pretty much never go to the factory stores anymore. When I first moved and was close to them, I went all the time! It was such a novelty. But, over time I realized I could get better, higher quality bargains by waiting for a sale or promo then I would ever get at an outlet. Plus, J Crew has basically stopped carrying retail items. Every once in a while a few goodies will show up but not usually.

I have, however, been eyeing the factory printed pencil skirt in Casbah print (they call it jade). After reading all the positive reviews I decided to bite figuring it would be a no brainer.

J Crew Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton in Jade (Size 2)

The colors are gorgeous and the shorter length is cute but makes it a bit more casual. Here's my problem. The pattern does not line up on the seams (of course) and it is unlined. Bigger problem - I seem to be in between sizes. The size 2 fit well in the waist sort of right below my belly button but the hips were a bit loose (which I don't like in pencil skirts). The size 0 fit great in the body but was tight on the waist so that I had to wear it at or above my belly button. The skirt is on clearance at the store for something around $39.97 + 40% off. For that price I might have considered but not for $52.

This is bigger than my usual size because it was the only size they had left. I also think it was 40% off. Basically cute but not super flattering and felt a little flimsy. Cute madras.

Factory Printed Cotton Sateen Mini in Green (size 2)

This was also on clearance and as you can see it came home with me. I'm not sure I'm keeping it because WOW IS IT SHORT but with a drapey tee I think it looks pretty sporty and cute. It was 40% off plus I used my educator discount so I think it came to $20. Almost irresistible but have to decide if I can really play with my child at a park in it. Hmm...

Admittedly, as a shirt, this is a lot of look. I only like it with the sleeves rolled up or under a sweater. It's really lovely and 100% cotton as opposed to the retail version which was that icky silk blend which always rips after about 2 wears. This was about $17 after discounts I think. The fit is SPOT ON. Love.

First off, let me start by saying that I will not be wearing this as clothing but rather as a beach cover up. The print is slightly different than the shirt incorporating a lovely pinky/peachy color. The collar and cuffs are adorable. It is LARGE in the chest but I think if I sew the deep vee up a little bit it will help shape it some more. Again, for $17 I'm not complaining!

In review :)

Factory stuff is still on the whole sub-par to retail but:
At rock bottom prices you can get a bargain AND
it is nice to get something in a print that you originally missed out on.



  1. I love the casbah button down on you, and honestly think you should buy the pencil skirt when it goes down in price (in the size 2). It may not hug your hips but looks amazing!

    Thanks for the reviews...very helpful!

    1. Thanks, Dina. Always nice to have you stop by! When the casbah print came out last summer I remember being sure they would put it on a pencil skirt but they never did! It's hard for me to buy an unlined pencil skirt when I bought my Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt (which is the most lovely luscious thick lined fabric ever) for only a fraction more than the factory skirt!

  2. Great reviews. I haven't tried anything Factory so it's nice to see how it compares to regular JC.
    I love the Casbah printed skirt, but the mismatched seams would bug me too. The green mini is really cute on you. It doesn't look too short.

    1. Thanks for your input. I love the skirt too and if it had been there in my size in the clearance section I would have thought about nabbing it.

  3. i'm casbah crazy too. i got the skirt in jade from factory, and the perfect shirt but I ended up returning the perfect shirt. i have the blouse from retail, but seeing that tunic on you makes me think twice about it! thanks for the reviews!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! One of the employees was like - you really like that print don't you? Just curious - why did you end up returning the perfect shirt?