Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Merrily Wedges, Oroya Echo Skirt, Unexpected Artiste Top, Gilded Estate Skirt, Take Flight Tank, Leaf and Arrow Skirt and Glass Tiles Tank

Some reviews!

Unexpected Artiste Top (XS) in blue motif
This reminds me of the Two Harbors Sweater from this past winter. Oddly, even though I am only 5'4", I found myself wishing for a bit more length. It's really pretty though and creates a nice shape

I think it is verging on outrageous to charge over $100 for an elastic waist, viscose skirt. But maybe that's just me. The print is basically cute and the length is fine but it sort of just hangs like a sack. Needs  a big belt for sure. 

Merrily Wedges (size 7.5)

Oh my God. I think these shoes are so freakin' cute. The color is wonderful and the little decorations are so precious. My one problem is that they don't stay on my feet that well. I have sort of wide feet because of a bunion so my foot probably doesn't go as far forward as it should in the shoe. Thus, I'm basically holding the shoe on with my toes. I generally wear a size 7.5 in closed-toe shoes and 7 in open toed shoes so I have these coming to me in a 7. Perhaps with a little stretching across the toe band they will be the perfect fit. 

Gilded Estate Skirt (size 2) and Take Flight Tank in Green Motif (size S)

This is my usual skirt size of 2. I might have been able to fit into a zero as well. The color of this skirt is mesmerizing. I want to swim in its beautiful tidal pools. But the ruching!!! AH!!!! It is terrible. I don't mind the slight ruching on my Peppering Skirt at all and in general I find ruching flattering but not on this skirt. I felt like it added width to my hips. Boo.

I ordered this tank online in the bird motif because I am bird obsessed but I didn't love it. I ordered the size XS which fit but was a little short for what I wanted.

Take Flight Tank (S) and Leaf and Arrow Skirt (size 2)

So the S in the tank is a bit too big and it has that dreaded a-line shape that is not good at all for bustier ladies. That means the shirt hangs off the biggest part of my breast and then just keep going outward. Bummer because I love these tanks just not for me.
The skirt confuses me. It just does nothing. I LOVE a good stretchy drawstring skirt in the summer but this one hung and clung in all the wrong places. The background of the print is a little too beige-y for me.

Glass Tiles Tank (size 2 and size 0 respectively)
I originally thought the size 2 was too big but I like the way it draped and the length.

The size 0 fit a bit more snugly but that sort of messed with the draping in the front. This tank is quite gorgeous in person. Prints vary from top to top and I definitely prefer the print above. $50 for a silk top is not bad at all but I may try to wait for second cut.

The tee week this sale was pretty fun. I snagged a few things for incredibly low prices! How about you?


  1. I didn't need any tees, but what a great deal!

    How was the fit of the Oroya Echo Skirt at the waist? I read some reviews that it was tight and to size up.

    The Gilded Estate Skirt is gorgeous. I didn't know it had ruching. I can't see it on you or on Anthro's product shot. I think it looks great on you.

  2. I know, super cheap (or inexpensive as my mother-in-law likes to say :)

    The pic of the Oroya skirt is sort of old so I don't remember but I think it was fine.

    The Gilded Estate Skirt is gorge. Thanks for the compliment. The ruching is subtle from afar but very obvious close up. Such a bummer. why can't they just do a simple printed pencil skirt?

  3. Great looks very nice dear your shoes and feet