Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sitting in the Closet

I have had a few pieces lingering in my closet for several months now. Every time I try them on I want to keep them but I notice I have not worn them yet.

Piece #1:

Corey Lynn Calter's Bilberry Dress (size XS)

I've blogged about this dress before. You know what the problem is? My husband doesn't like it but I do. So where to wear it? Too sexy for the playground or work but wouldn't wear it for date night since hubby doesn't love it. I'm having a hard time letting this one go since crochet dresses seem to be big right now it makes me feel very Brigitte Bardot...

There's a story with this one. Got it for $20 because there was a small stain on the front. It is a size 8 which is way too big but I had the tailor's do some pinning (that's why the hem looks CRAZY! So, lots of alterations means lots of dinero to have it look good. It's such a sweet dress but when a $20 bargain becomes an $80 or so project, hmm... is it still a bargain?

It's hard to see the details on this one - laser cut sleeves, accordion pleating on the back, lovely. It is polyester but it doesn't feel like polyester. And I love the color. My husband thinks it makes me look a bit wide from the front and he's probably right but I love the blousey blouse and skinny pants look. Oh, in the last picture that is not my butt making it stick out that far - I forgot to take something out of my back pocket.

Part of the reason it's hard to return something is because I know that once I return it, it's gone. These items are out of stock and this was probably my last chance. Because they are "bargains" it also makes it hard to let go. But the real question is - do I love it? do I really want it? do I NEED it? or do I just love getting a good bargain?

Questions I haven't entirely answered for myself but love to hear the community's thoughts...


  1. I have the same problem... I got through my closet about once a month and try to find things I haven't worn yet and decide whether to take them back or not. Things I got for a good deal or things I love even if they aren't practical, I just can't let go of! I'm a clothes hoarder.

    Anyways, I would definitely take back the crochet dress. Even if you love it, you won't feel great about it when you wear it around your husband. The second dress... do you have anywhere to wear it? If not, I'd take it back too. And I'd keep the green blouse- I think it's lovely! And lol at the thing in your back pocket :)

  2. These are the tough questions, and I don't think I'll be much help. I really like the Bilberry dress on you- it fits so well! It may be worth a second try, as I have sometimes had manfriend change his mind once he sees things styled a different way...but it always seems to come down to contempory menfolk just not liking 70s or 80s revival!

    The clipped cities blouse looks really beautiful and funky!

  3. I am a big fan of the crochet you go out with the girls? That is when I wear the things my hubby isn't a fan of...

    The flickering slip dress is awesome, and I love it in jade (such a pretty shade), but the nude shade may be too close to your skin tone. You might be able to sell it on ebay...but if you do find the occasion to wear it (making the alterations necessary), go for it!

    And that last top is adorable on you. Definite keep.

  4. Love the Bilberry dress on you. The other dress would look cute on a night out with a very cropped cardi for warmth. Not sure how I would wear the last one though. It's too long for a blouse, and too short for a tunic.

  5. I have the Bilberry dress, and like you, have yet to figure out how/ where to wear it. I am thinking of trying it with a blue slip rather than the nude to see if it makes it less sexy... I love the color and the crochet but also worrying it may be a bit young on me *sigh*