Friday, June 29, 2012

J Crew Review - Steals and Deals

I really haven't gone into J Crew lately but I couldn't resist hearing about all the bargains that could be had over on Gigi's Gone Shopping and J Crew Aficionada. I've had some bad luck with my online forays but did find a few goodies in the store. 30% off plus an additional 15% with educator discount is pretty good!

Tippi Sweater in Garment-Dyed Linen (XS) in Neon Pink and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Caribbean Tweed (size 2)

I adore the colors in this skirt and the wonderful tweediness of it. Delish. I think this is a year round skirt. I love wearing bright colors in winter and I think if you pair it with a nice thick navy sweater and some boots it will look great. It fits like a dream and although I agree with other bloggers that the little pocket on the front is a bit odd, it doesn't bother me. Snagged for $29.74!
I have the Linen Tippi in the purple color and actually came back for the neon pink one. I sort of chickend out however because I'm not sure I feel comfortable in something this bright.

Holy moly neon! Woah. This skirt is $34.99 in stores but I found the fit just slightly tighter and sort of off. The tweed was stretching around my tush in an unflattering way and it made me look a little lumpy bumpy from the side. Such a shame because I could have had it for $20.82!

This sweater is adorable and fits differently than the other linen tippis. I almost caved but I'm trying to chill it with the stripes. This is a size small than the other Tippis and still felt pretty blousy.

I did make a red phone order for the Bennett Chinos in Sweet Caramel for $17.24. They are still full price online! These pants are quite slim but very flattering with a longer tunic or button down shirt untucked.

Also caved on the Tillary Purse in Warm Sienna. Lovely little purse in the perfect color and got it for $41.64!

Anyone else score some amazing deals in store? Really beats shopping online right now...


  1. Love the Tilary Purse! Did they have anymore at your store? Do you mind sharing which store you picked it up from?

    injanuity at gmail dot com

    1. I know it's so lovely! I think this was the only one they had but it wouldn't hurt calling. It's Providence RI (401) 243-0250. Good luck!

  2. Wow, you got some great deals. I can't believe the outrageous price discrepancy between online and in store.
    I think the pink sweater looks pretty on you. I've been considering purchasing a pair of the Bennett chinos, but wasn't sure of the sizing because they are cut slim. Did you order your usual size?

    1. I have the Bennett's in the reddish color from winter in a size 2 (my regular size). They are slightly tight in the bum but when i tried on the grey ones they fit great on the bum. We'll see how these caramel ones turn out.