Sunday, June 17, 2012

J Crew Reviews -

I've been drinking way less Crewlade these days and so have had less reviews to post but here are a few things I recently ordered with the 30% off sale promo:

Knit Tunic Dress (?) (XS)

This seems to be currently sold out in this color. It is a nice substantial cotton knit but I would probably only wear it as a cover up. The shape is a bit... well... shapeless. I think I was hoping for more of a shapely tunic to wear over leggings of a little mini-dress.

 Garment-Dyed Drawstring Shirtdress (size 2)

This dress is really cute. I like it better with a belt than the drawstring because in general I find drawstring waists unflattering. The cotton is thick and soft and the length is right. So why did I return it? I just felt like it was a bit boring. If it went on sale even further I might reconsider but darn do I hate an unstructured waist. My usual size 2 felt good. The sleeves are a bit bulky to roll. You know how usually sleeves arrive pre-rolled so perfectly that you never want to unroll them knowing you would never be able to get them to look as perfect? Well not these. Very lumpy. Definitely needed some pressing or something :)

Anyone else try this dress and love it?

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