Friday, June 15, 2012

Bailey 44 Scully Pencil Skirt - Styled!

I have been holding on to the Scully Pencil Skirt forever hoping to find something to go with it. I knew I wanted something sort of cropped on top to balance out the long sleek bottom. Plus, tucking in is not really an option with a stretch jersey pencil skirt. 

Well, lo and behold I came across these adorable Free People tops at TJ Maxx the other day. Normally I considering myself aged out of Free People clothes but these are really cute. Cropped crisp cotton with a long row of snaps at the shoulders and some lovely embroidery. Wasn't sure if a neutral color would look better or the navy so here are some pics:

Here's a close-up of the embroidery which is more subtle on the blue.

Puff Sleeve Pullover in Cocoon (XS)

Here it is slightly more work appropriate with the Puff Sleeve Pullover by Banana Republic. They were running an extra 30% off in store the other day and this sweater was on sale (but not on the website). I think it looks fine but nothing too exciting.

I think this is sort of interesting. The cropped length is good and the lace adds a little textural interest. Still not sure how I feel about this top on ME but I think it's a decent look.

Ann Taylor Loft Space Dye 3/4 Sleeve Scoopneck Sweater (PS) in Toasted Oat
Got this sweater for $12! I really like this as a more demure option, brings the sexy quotient down. Slightly slouchy but fitted enough and the length is perfect!

 Garnet Hill Easy Open-Neck Sweater (XS) in Soft Aqua
I have been obsessed with these Garnet Hill sweaters - so sparkly and finely knit. I think slouchy works with this skirt. A review of the sweaters to come!

How do you style this skirt?


  1. I like it styled with the black top. I would even dare a red, a cobalt blue, or even a green with it.

  2. I like it best with the space dye AT sweater (definitely the perfect length) and the Upstaged Tee, although the sleeves of the Upstaged look a little boxy. The Free People tops are super cute but maybe a little too short (especially on the sides) with this skirt length.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Rose and Keilexandra - very helpful!