Sunday, May 6, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Raglan Dress, Classic Merino Cardigan, Linen Baseball Tee and Contrast Boatneck Sweater

I did place a little order with the most recent sneaky "mustshop" promo. I am usually so excited for JC's spring prints, but nothing has really excited me so far. But, I do completely rely on JC for wonderful wardrobe basics. Button down shirts, pencil skirts and fine merino wool sweaters. That is what they do well. So here are some things I found:

 Contrast Boatneck Sweater (XS)

Cute and TTS. The silk cotton blend is feels good on the body and the knit is very dense - i don't think this sweater would lose it's shape easily. I like the 3/4 sleeves and the wide boatneck.

Raglan Dress (size XXS) in Navy

The dress is VERY soft - it truly is like wearing a sweatshirt - and not the terry kind but the fluffy soft kind that you had in high school. Love the back zipper. The XXS felt a bit too sexy. I think this dress should fit in a more relaxed way. See below.

Raglan Dress (size XS) 

Ah much better. See those weird discolorations on the dress? Yes, that is partly from adjusting the exposure on the picture but those weird lines and stuff are there. It looks the garment dying process was sort of off. If I decide to keep the dress I might ask to exchange it for another one to see if it has the same problem. To be honest, I'm not sure how to style this one. The navy is really dark and I think worn over black leggings it would look too gym and not enough chic. Hmm... dilemmas.

Classic Merino Cardigan (size XS) in Heather Flax 

I'm so annoyed over this one. I tried this sweater on in store DURING the 30% off promo and I could have gotten an extra 15% with my teacher ID but they only had XXS and I thought it was a bit snug. Well, my usual XS is sort of ridiculous. This is the grandpa cardigan done way too grandpa. Bummer, I waited for this to pop back in my size forever and turns out it was the wrong size.

Linen Baseball Tee in blue sea (size XXS)
Ahem. I have blurred out my bra since it is pretty much completely visible through the shirt. That is partially because the shirt is way too small, partly because of the linen factor. I do love the tee though. Love a good baseball tee and the linen makes for a really interesting texture. Would love to know if this would be as transparent if it actually fit. The color is really saturated and lovely too.

Overall, this haul was a bit of a disappointment. Anyone else find something fabulous with MUSTSHOP?

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  1. You look great in the raglan dress. When it came out it went straight to my wish list but the synthetic fabric blend and the exposed zipper were negatives for me so I bought a similar one from Lacoste that you can see at the end of THIS POST.

    I love the style, I'm wearing mine with sandals and madras sneakers for the summer and maybe will winterize it with tights in the fall. I'll put up some IRL photos next week if you're interested.