Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Leadlight Maxi, Maia Column Dress, Pressed Lutea Skirt, Kimberly Boatneck, Malino Peasant Blouse, Carolinae Top, Jarmila Tunic and Belted Fresna Skirt

Oops. I can't believe it's already May! I love this time of year - just a complete blur until summer and then, hey, it's summer. Woo woo. I have lots of reviews to do but it will probably take a few days to get them all up. I even have a box of J Crew stuff to photograph that I got during the most recent (secret) 30% off promo (MUSTSHOP ends tonight). Anyhoo, no time to waste so here they are:

Carolinae Top (size 2?)
The print is so cute on this one but the fit is bizarre. I can't completely describe it but the cut across the top is super straight and it makes the sleeves stick out. Sort of like someone took 2 identical pieces of fabric and just sewed them together. I did also try on a size 0 and it was the same. 

OMG. I die over the colors and print but the sleeves are too much for me. Otherwise lovely.

Kimberly Boatneck (size XS) 
Love stripes and tanks with thick straps but the neckline came too high on my busty self. The back is to die for so I think if you are normally busted it will be cute.

Love the design and colors. In general I love Tracy Reese but always have to size up at least one size and in this case 2 sizes. The length is perfect and the fabric lovely and light. The little pleats at the to did nothing for me but it's very cute overall.

Dropwaist Mini-Dress in Green (size 4) 

This was randomly in the sale section and it almost came home with me. I still can't decide if this look is too youthful for a late 30's mom but I'm thinking maybe yes. This version of the Minutiae Dropwaist dress fits slightly smaller. That dress I take a 2 in but this felt great in the 4. Maybe because of the extra layer of fabric in the skirt?

Maia Column Dress (size S) 

If I'm going to do the whole Bailey 44 stripe dress thing I'll probably go for one of the more seasonless iterations. I get it on this line though. Sexy sexy and pajama comfy - how often do you get that? I wouldn't mind trying on a medium or at least a pair of spanx with this. Definitely would not need an XS although that is what I took in the Scully Pencil Skirt.

 Yikes! I LOVE leifsdottir but this one is confusing. First of all, I usually wear a 4 or 6 in their skirts and this was pretty big in a 2! The length is awkward and the buttons are oddly placed.

Jarmila Tunic (size XS)
This is adorable. Wish it weren't polyester. The straps are great for bras, the top part is fitted over the bust and it's just blousy and long enough. Colors are gorge! 

Dappled Sea Blouse (S) and Leadlight Maxi Skirt (size 2) 
The skirt's print is just as magnificent in real life as it is on the website. The slit was unexpected but cute. It is a lined cotton which is nice but I like my maxi skirts out of stretch cotton for flow. Pretty long. TTS. Dappled sea blouse - would definitely need an XS but sort of loved it.

Whew. That's it for now. J Crew coming soon!

Anyone else grab some sale goodies this past week?


  1. I love the Maia column dress. I was wondering how the colorful stripes looked. It's very cute on you. I really like the white variation too. Unfortunately it doesn't come in petite.
    Thanks for the reviews. Can't wait to see the JC sale items.

  2. The Maia is lovely but I found the colors IRL to be a bit disappointing - sort of more muted than I was expecting. I wish that darn Bailey 44 line wasn't so expensive. Thanks for stopping by... JCrew will be up soon!