Sunday, April 22, 2012

J. Crew Reviews! Villa Dress in Stripe, Jersey Maxiskirt in stripe, Hilary Dress, No. 2 in Sovereign PaisleyMetallic Swing Sweater, Spindrift Sweatshirt

I have been majorly off the Crewlade. I was obsessed with J. Crew last year, but now that I've added a bunch of their basics to my wardrobe, I'm sort of burned out. I finally meandered in there for the first time in months, and I left feeling blah. I feel like they keep churning out the same things in slightly different colors and lower quality fabrics. That being said, I still love my matchsticks, Blythe Blouse, Eden cardigan, gingham shirt, etc. Plus, unfortunately, there is an SA that is ALWAYS working there and she always sort of making snide comments - I think because I come in and never really buy anything but try on stuff. Anyway... my husband recently gave me a gift card so I think I'm going to hang on to it and really hope that some things will catch my eye!

Boatneck Popover (XS)
This has had a lot of blog love and I get it - the material is seriously weighty - in a luxury way. I did not like how it fit though - the boxiness wasn't particular flattering because of my "chestiness". Although the material is awesome it doesn't allow it to drape well on the body.

 Hilary Dress? (size 2) in admiral blue

A bit tight in the bust and not the best cut for my arms. Would be a lovely dress for a school function or shower or something but I don't need one of those right now!

Spindrift Sweatshirt (XS) in Light Emerald and Matchstick Jean (size 26) in Starlight Wash (on sale in store but not online)
I love a cute little sweatshirt but this was a bit too baggy. Color is gorge. See a size down below. The matchstick jeans are cute and on sale - I was hoping to replace my Matchstick in Live in Wash since I have lived in them for the entirety of this past year. Didn't love the whiskering on the hips (really? like I WANT people's attention to be drawn to that area).

Really cute and made out of a thicker, maritime-like, fabric. The buttons on the back are a cute detail. It does not fit me well because of the afore-mentioned big chest issue. Will be adorable on others!

Spindrift Sweatshirt (XXS) in navy and Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Sovereign Paisley 

The Spindrift is definitely better in an XXS although felt slightly snug across the bustline. I really thought I would leave with the skirt but upon second inspection, I thought it felt flimsy. The material seems a little cheap to me for such an expensive skirt and the fit was not quite as wonderful as some of my other pencil skirts from JC. The print is adorable and fun. Waist slightly large, no give in fabric.

Blythe Blouse (size 0) in Majestic Purple? 
Size 0 actually felt fine (a size smaller than my usual 2). The blythe blouse is a lovely piece. Just feels really special and lines up with my need to have lots of silk in my wardrobe - I'm a little addicted.

Love anything gold. This gold is gorgeous and much more true metallic gold than in this picture or on the website. The fit in the arms was TIGHT and I have fairly slim arms. The body made me look like I was trying to hide a pregnancy. For the thin upper bodied, it will be cute.

Jersey Maxiskirt in Stripe (XXS) in navy blue grotto

Very cute comfortable maxi. I wish the waistband was just a regular thick waistband instead of the ruching.

back view: 

Jersey Maxiskirt in Stripe (XS) in navy blue grotto

the XS felt basically the same. A little more flow to the fabric and more length - which I liked even though I am only 5'4''.

Anyone else get some goodies with the extra 30% off?


  1. you don't like the boatneck popover? I love it on you. Guess the thicker cotton material won't suit the upcoming warm weather. Love the jersey stripe maxi skirt. So cute. Would you say the fabric doesn't stretch much?

  2. I still think the sovereign paisley skirt looks great on you- I agree that it doesn't warrant the full price, but I was pretty happy with the sale + 30%!

    The Villa dress looks lovely- it looks like an adorable summer dress, with a belt and cardigan!

  3. Small Town Gal - Thanks! The jersey stripe skirt is very cute. The fabric is incredibly stretchy and soft so I think you could easily size down or up or any which way. The main difference I found was length. It's SUPER comfortable

    thatdamngreendress - thanks! The skirt is lovely but I really need more casual clothes for the summer. The Villa dress is great - it was just totally squishing my boobs (sorry for the TMI)

  4. I love the boatneck popover. I think it's a top good for many shapes/sizes. I agree about the villa dress. Great fabric. Thanks for sharing pics.

  5. I tried to comment yesterday but my browser failed me...grr. I had the same issue as you with the metallic swing arms are fairly thin, this sweater is not designed well.

    You look cute in all of it but I get leaving some of them behind if it isn't true love! :)

  6. I'm glad to hear you mention the tight arms on the Metallic Swing store only had size XXS left (I am usually an XS, sometimes and XXS) and I literally couldn't get my arms into it! I was slightly horrified because I have fairly slim arms.

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