Monday, April 2, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews: Catch up! Suki Sleeveless Top and Converging Bits Skirt

I've had some photos sitting around for while, so today's post is a little random but here we go...

Rainforest Morning Shirtdress (size 2)

I bought this off the Effortless Anthropologie Exchange which I have always had wonderful experiences with. This dress is awesome! OMG. The colors, the fit, everything. It is slightly tight across the bust but I don't care, in fact I'm thinking a cami underneath might help. love love love.

 Water's Edge Skirt (size XS)

I grabbed this puppy on popback based on all the favorable reviews but I have to say, I'm not feeling it. It's very comfortable but it just sort of hangs straight down off the body. There is no flow to it so I kind of feel like I'm wearing sweatpants but in bright blue skirt form.

 Suki Sleeveless Top (size 4)

Leifsdottir has become one of my obsessions this year. This blouse is so lovely in so many way but the band at the bottom ruins it. Notice pregnant looking side view. Blech. I almost considered taking it the tailor and having the bottom hem taken off. Not for $50 though. Poo.

After fretting about what to pair my Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt with I finally found this little LEC Cardi in my closet. I paired it with my Ever Present Satchel and Ivanka Trump Indicon high heels and voila! I felt pretty good!

This is the Adalar dress my Leifsdottir that I am constantly on the fence about. I paired it with my newly acquired Lemniscate Belt and I love the combination. A keeper?

Converging Bits Skirt (size 2)

This skirt is adorable and extremely well made for $30. Slightly poufy from the side but I didn't feel it ruined the look. I decided not to keep it since it's not really my style but I would highly recommend it to others.

Still waiting for my Scully Pencil Skirt to arrive. Bought the S but found an XS. Will compare and post pictures later this week!

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