Friday, April 6, 2012

What do YOU think? Fine Point Dress Review

Have you ever noticed a direct correlation between indecision and age? Every year that goes by I get less and less decisive about things. I thought it would be the opposite. I'm good when it comes to decisions for my daughter (except for where she should go to school which I have been hemming and hawing about nonstop) but am terrible when it comes to personal decisions for myself. Should I keep coloring my hair or go natural? Do I want to work more or stay home? Do I want coffee or tea? Whatever. That indecisiveness is especially true when it comes to clothes. Yikes. So here is a recent purchase that I am sort of in love with but not sure if it is in love with me.
Please chime in!

Anthropologie's Fine Point Dress (size 2)

The positives:
  • 100% silk
  • Lined
  • Perfect Length
  • Flattering at waist and from side view
  • Stripes are cute but different than all the "nautical" stuff I have in my wardrobe
The negatives:
  • Silk - why I am obsessed with silk? I have a toddler! But I do work too so... excuses, excuses
  • Pleating under the bustline makes me breasts appear bigger which is not good since they are already quite large
  • Ties at neck are odd - could have removed
  • Neckline needs to be lower in my opinion - take to tailor?
I got this dress for $50 on popback so it's tempting but should you really keep a dress because it was inexpensive? Hmmm....

Help me! :)


  1. I quite like the dress on you! But I think the sleeves need to be shorter - that would balance out the higher neckline, and be easy to do. The length of the sleeves seems to make your torso appear wider from the front. The side view is very flattering and shows how well it fits you. But your waist gets lost in the front view due to all those horizontals.
    I do the keep-it-it's-so-cheap thing a lot...

  2. Cagliari67 - thank you for the feedback! It was super helpful. I didn't even think about the sleeves things and I think that is part of what bothers me. I think I'll try it on again whilst rolling up the sleeves and see if I like it better. Glad I am not the only one who does the keep it it's cheap thing - got into trouble with all the 50% off sales at Anthro this year!

  3. I love it, and not just because I was so tempted by this one online but never actually saw it on anyone to judge the cut. I might just have to keep watching for a popback (can't resist any silk dress at $50- I picked up the fire ant one actually!)

    It looks beautiful on you and a perfectlength, and I really like the sorta tassels on the ties. Rolling up the sleeves seems like a good option, though not even super necessary. I bet this is one of those hand washable silks, right?

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  5. The dress looks perfect on you! There is absolutely no doubt - this should be a keeper. It does not make your chest seem overly large at all, in fact, it is quite flattering to your figure, from all angles. All the positives you list are accurate, and I don't see any negatives to keeping the dress other than it having to be drycleaned. (Some say they handwash silk but I've never tried it.)