Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Painted Ume Tunic, North Coast Skirt, Flame-Kissed Skirt, Pilcro Stet Slim Straight

A few quickie Anthro reviews:

Painted Ume Tunic (size 0)
Love the muted sorbet colors on this but everything else was unflattering. Online it looks like it has an empire waist but I don't remember that when I tried it on. Just sort of hung there awkwardly. 

 These were a random sale room find. They are super comfortable and definitely fit like jeggings but I've heard they stretch out a lot. After finding them online (the link is to a slightly different wash called Patina and I believe the wash I'm wearing is called Holly) I read the reviews and I decided I needed a 26 because of the stretch factor. Luckily snagged one and so will do a follow up review comparing the 2 sizes. I love the perfect ankle length with just a smidge of ankle scrunch. Great for ballet flats. The rise is slightly higher than I am used to but I like that in case I need to a) tuck a shirt in or b) hide a PMS pooch.

Flame-Kissed Skirt (size 2)

This felt a little snug in my usual size 2 which is weird because I recently lost some weight. From the side, it is adorable. The placement of the pattern on the front actually draws attention to the hips and made me look much wider than normal. Not desirable. The fabric is nice and thick and I like the mini length but the hips killed it for me.

North Coast Skirt (size 2) 
I find it shocking that this skirt is on sale already as I hadn't even seen it before at my store. The print is very sweet but the material felt flimsy. Thus, you could see lumps, bumps and underwear, oh my! I felt the size 2 was a bit snug so maybe sizing up would help but that still wouldn't fix the material problem.

I did snag the Leifsdottir scattered wing skirt so I will post a review of that later!

Anyone else go crazy with the sale this week - so many markdowns/temptations!


  1. Thank you for the reviews! I think you had the Painted Ume Tunic on backwards; the pictures at Anthro site show the v-neck and empire gathers in the front, and the squared-off portion in the back. But it is fun to see it both directions!

  2. Wonderful reviews! Thank you.

  3. love the flame kissed skirt- reminds me of the Prada flames this spring!