Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Yonina Mini-Dress, Otta Dress, Konza Dress, Celeste Pencil Skirt, AG Steve Straight

Went to make a quick return today and quickly tried on a few sale items that caught my eye. Returned my size small Scully Pencil Skirt - that skirt is oddly sized! Managed to grab an X-small which I will post reviews of when I get back from vacation.

Otta Dress (size 2)

This is an interesting dress. Fit was a bit off. The waist panel is nice because it helps give the dress an attractive shape but the top was a little big. Overall not super flattering and the colors are not great on me 

Celeste Striped Pencil Skirt (size 4)

I love Plenty by Tracy Reese clothes but I find that they run quite small. I would definitely want a size 6 in this skirt. The color is super cute but it did this weird bagging/folding thing in the front. Perhaps sizing up would fix that.

AG Stevie Straight (size 26 and size 27 respectively)

These jeans are great. Super sexy. I would almost classify them more as a jegging. I didn't detect a huge amount of difference between the size 26 and size 27. The size 27's were a little loose in the waist but looked a little better in the butt. Not sure how these stretch out. I think $164 is a lot for jeans but these are really cute.

Konza Dress (size 2)

I actually love this dress. Very easy breezy. The color is a bit blah but the details at the neckline are gorgeous. Wouldn't buy it at this price but would reconsider on 2nd cut.

I noticed this dress right away when the catalogue came out. The colors are absolutely eye-catching and it is another easy throw-on-and-go type of dress. I would definitely want to try on an XS because the S was slightly baggy. The 100% polyester content is a real buzz kill, especially for the price! Again, on 2nd cut I would reconsider.

Anyone else scoop something up at the huge sale last week?


  1. I restrained myself, but an awful lot of dresses from my wishlist are now on sale- possibly with second cuts soon? I love the Otta but know the cut is difficult without trying it on! But the print is so pretty!

    I think the Yonina dress is really cute on you- I love the mix of pattern and colour!

    Thanks for the sizing info on the AG jeans- I'd love to try some someday- I hear such great things about them!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I scooped up the Honeyed Life dress last week and love it. :)

  3. Thanks, thatdamngreendress! There are LOTS of cute things on sale right now but I'm really trying to choose carefully. The AG Jeans are awesome but I just can't stomach paying that much right now. I have seen AG jeans at TJMaxx occasionally so maybe I'll get lucky there.

    Shopwithm - love the bee theme they have going at Anthro right now. Might be tempted by the honeybee shorts!