Sunday, April 15, 2012

L.L. Bean Signature - New Arrivals

I always enjoy thumbing through all the catalogues that accumulate while I'm on vacation. We just got back from almost a week in Florida and after a LONG day of traveling with a 2 year old - I am still recovering! I cannot even believe that we got in at midnight and she didn't sleep the whole way. That's some spunk.
I'll admit that I have never ordered from LLBean Signature, I've mostly stuck with Lands End Canvas, but I'm definitely intrigue. Their price point is a bit higher and the markdowns are not as good. Nonetheless, very tempted by the following items (sorry for the lack of photos, can't seem to copy them onto my blog):

Cotton Madras Dress - the new slate blue color is divine.

Sport Tank - stripes! slight A-line shape. LOVE!

Poplin Dress Stripe - very Kate Spade, no?

Linen/Modal Tee Stripe - love a linen sweater in the summer. delish.

Bryant Sandal - love any summer sandal that has a slightly 70's vibe to it

Linscott Ankle Pant, Print - remind me of the new and very expensive J Crew printed skimmers in 

Anyone ordered from LL Bean Signature? How's the fit?



  1. I always receive their catalogs...but didn't even notice the adorable striped poplin dress...very pretty! :)

    I have not ordered from them, but suspect at some point in the future I will. Are you thinking about one or two of these?

  2. I love LLBS and have quite a few things from them. I've found that for the most part they actually run a little smaller than J Crew. I usually need a sz.4 in the bottoms and dresses, where as I always take a sz.2 in J Crew. For the most part the quality is excellent, but the certainly have a 70's vibe going on a lot of their things.

  3. I haven't ordered from them for a long time, so not sure how their stuff fits any more, but would be curious to find out.