Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garnet Hill and Anthropologie Reviews - Eileen Fisher Tank, Merino Sweater Dress and Glowing Horizons Trench

I have not ordered from Garnet Hill in a very long time but finally bit the bullet when I found a code for free shipping over $75. They had some excellent items in their sale section and I thought I would give them a try - glad I did! As always, sizing is tricky at GH but the quality is superb. Here's what I found:

Eileen Fisher Silk Jersey Long Tunic (XS) in Smoke
I love the idea of Eileen Fisher but the fit is always funny on me. Not so with this tank/tunic. This picture does not do it justice. First of all, the material is absolute heaven. Drapey, light but not transparent. The shape skims over the body but does not cling and the length is great for wear snug little cropped bottoms.  

You be looking at this dress thinking, blah... And sure, it is not full of wow factor. But, it is made of the most divine, soft, non-itchy merino wool and fits so beautifully and is a totally work-appropriate length that it is wow in a different way. I feel like I will be able to wear this dress until the end of time. And for the sale price, it was definitely worth it! I just threw on a few belts with it but it would definitely need some nice jewelry and perhaps a scarf. Garnet Hill quality does not disappoint. Will be interesting to see if it pills at all over time.

I know I talked about this trench before but I wanted to show some more pictures. It is so divine. The details and the pops of orange all over. LOVE it. Size 4 is 1 up from my usual size but I like a little extra room to layer. The only weird thing about this coat is the attached belt. It is attached at a spot that makes it impossible to buckle it in the front. I'm thinking maybe you are just supposed to tie it. Nothing a tailor couldn't fix anyway.

Anyone else use the free shipping promo for Garnet Hill?


  1. I have that sweater dress in two colors, and you are right: it is fabulous. And it does NOT pill. Thanks for the reviews!


  2. Greatbleuheron - thank for stopping by! So glad to hear it doesn't pill and that someone else loves it. I couldn't believe how classic and flattering it was!

  3. I have never ordered from Garnet Hill before, but did receive a catalog several months ago. Nothing too exciting, but they had some pretty nice basics.
    I might have to take another look because I could use some basic tanks that don't have skinny straps and I adore that orange lining on that trench. Especially the peek-a-boo pop of color in the back.

  4. I bought a number of things from GH since last fall and I'm really happy with the quality, but as you said, finding the right size or fit is tricky online, so I end up returning a lot of things. Most recently I got the Favorite Cotton Cardigan (nothing special about it but just fits well, is lightweight and the colors are nice), and the Starlet Knit Dress which is a very easy-going, reasonably priced summer dress with pockets.

    I really like the GH dress you reviewed, it's a timeless classic piece. And the trench is awesome :)

  5. I love that dress on you, especially with the first belt.

  6. fshnonmymind - I know - isn't that pop of orange at the back to die for! I actually love the trench so much that I haven't even worn it yet :)

    Anna - so glad you got the trench too!

    wellfedfred - thank you! I'm glad I decided to keep it. So comfortable and classic. That belt I snagged at a Calypso sample sale in New York years ago. I love it.