Monday, March 12, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Cinch & Flow Maxi, Parquet Pullover, Magnetic Fields Tee, Mimeo Magnolia Blouse, Converging Bits Skirt and Fan-Cut Iberis Dress

At first, I was not so impressed with Anthropologie's Spring Arrivals, but when I received the latest catalogue, I was excited! I'm really loving all the florals for spring - so cheery and refreshing! What is not working for me is the fit on some of these items. I love the slouchy relaxed look but sometimes it does not love me. See below:

I loved this in the catalogue. The color, the material, the cap sleeves. This shape is not great for a larger-busted lady however. The top line falls on my bust in a funny place and then the whole thing sort of drapes outward from there. Adorable but maybe only for the smaller chested.

Parquet Pullover (size XS)
The colors in this immediately caught my eye - the contrast of cobalt blue and sort of rusty red was gorgeous. The fit is crazy! I noticed in the model shot that she has her hand behind her back - I think she is holding the shirt in! It is so wide that it made me look like a house. If it was wide and draped  well it would be another story... bummer.

Magnetic Fields Tee in Grey Motif (size XS) 
The print is lovely but the fit is just basic. Maybe I should have sized up? Something felt a little too 80's about it.

Mimeo Magnolia Blouse (size XS)
The color of this IRL are much brighter and more beautiful. It's a really lovely piece but I think I like it better open with a tank underneath. Definitely runs large even for something drapey.

Dulcie Dress (Size XS)
Clearly a return that I had to try on. At first I was horrified (and clearly I need to size up) at the tightness and shortness. But, I did feel like a little ballerina from a Degas painting and that was sort of a neat feeling. A pass in this size but I sort of understand the love.

This skirt was available in all sizes a week ago and now it is all gone except for a size 10. This is a steal for $30. The size 2 is slightly big on me because I want to wear it at my waist instead of lower on my hips. It is well made and poufy in a playful way. Love.

Fan-Cut Iberis Dress (size 2)
My picture does not do this justice. The details at the neck and back are divine. The print is a bit boring but the silk and fit on this dress are amazing! If anything, the size 2 was a bit big which is odd since Moulinette Soeurs often runs a bit snug. I will say that you really need to be able to fill out the top of this dress or it doesn't lay well. I barely filled it out and I definitely have ample cleavage up top so I think smaller chested ladies may be out of luck. A few reviews online echo this sentiment.

Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise in Blue motif (size XS)
Adorable. Love. Super long however. Since I just bought the Top Sail Maxi Dress I don't think I need this but it is super cute. Begs for a belt.

I'm obsessed with birds. Unfortunately, tight white pants with birds may not be my best bet. Fit was a little snug and they were basically see through on the side.

Whew. Lots of lovelies but am glad that some of it doesn't fit me that well. Anyone else have any spring must-haves?

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