Friday, March 23, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Palma Dress, Broken Pleats Skirt, Akin Tunic, Minutiae Dropwaist Dress, Carolinae Top, Paisley Moment Tank, and more!

Oopsies, I've been gone for a little while. I haven't entirely had the urge to shop and I keep on forgetting my camera, so no posts. Plus, the weather here has been gorgeous so all I really want to do is sit in the sun and sip a latte. Okay, maybe a margarita. Anyway - my Anthro obsession continues so here are some recent goodies...

Glowing Horizons Trench (size 4)
This little lovely was hiding in my sale section. Me lovey. I feel like a hot spy - which is a good thing. The details are so lovely. I took more pics at home so I will post them another time. The details are gorgeous. They didn't have a size 2 (my normal size) but I have a feeling I would have preferred the 4 anyway - gotta be able to move the arms.

Skipped Beats Blouse (size 2 or 4) 
Love the idea of this blouse and the cotton is crisp and delicious but the shape is blah de blah. And it's super short, which is saying a lot since I am short-waisted.

It seems that maybe this motif is sold out online so I linked to the strawberries version. It's a really nice blouse. I didn't realize it was 3/4 length sleeves. The fit is very flattering on the body and the colors are vibrant but not too much so.

Otsego Blouse (size 2) 
I do love me some peasant-y, eyelet, boho chic whatever but this is not good. Boxy mess on my body and the elastic waist did me no favors.

Paisley Moment Tank (size S)
I adore the idea of this tank but the fit is way off. There were no XS (with reason, I think the XS would probably fit everyone from XS - XL) left so I tried on a small. I am trying to show the armpits hanging way below where my actual armpits are. Hmm... Pretty print.

Draped Snail Tank in Pink (size 2) 
The snails are so cute! I knew just from looking at this shirt that it would not be good on a bigger busted lady like myself and I was right! 

Carolinae Top (size 2) 
What is with the cropped stuff this season? I don't want to have to wear a tank top under everything for fear of exposing my kanga-pooch. Please. Just make things full length. I was drawn to the print which is absolutely charming but it was too baggy.

Wagner Tunic (XS) 
I find tencel slightly creepy. Don't know why. It's a cute little shirt but didn't give me the look I was going for.

Minutiae Dropwaist Dress in Grey Motif (size 2) 
Surprisingly adorable. If I hadn't already had my fill of dropwaist dresses in the 80's I could almost go there. TTS and shockingly flattering. The sleeves were a bit too poufy for my taste, but still cute. 

Palma Dress (size 2) 

I tried this dress on when it first came out but wasn't in love. I think it's because I had the wrong size. This dress does fit EXACTLY but when I tried on the 4 months ago it bloused too much on top. This is the perfect amount of blousing, the waist is spot on and the skirt is perfect. The color is to die for.

Akin Tunic  (size XS)
Oh how I love shopping in the lounge section! Cute comfy stuff for a fraction of the price. This dress is darling. My only complaint is that the waist is supposed to be slightly dropped but I felt like it lay between dropwaist and normal making it seem slightly off. Still, on sale, I would grab it in a second.

Broken Pleats Skirt (size 4)
The reviews are true! This skirt runs TINY and the material is ridiculously thin. Bummer because it is a good price and sort of interesting and cute. I would at least need a 6 (2 sizes up from my norm) but didn't bother since the aforementioned transparency issue was a deal breaker.

Good sale this week. Anyone else pick up something?


  1. Ugh, I love that paisley tank, but you're right, the fit is ridiculous.
    Thanks for the reviews.

  2. I know - literally crazy. I'm not sure who's supposed to wear it. I don't know about you but I'm not wild about showing my armpits :)