Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joie Marlo Silk Blouse Review

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the slouchy silk top + slim cropped pants combo. It instantly makes me feel chic and yet is totally comfortable. It's also good for my busty but slimmer-legged body. I already own the Blythe Blouse by J. Crew and added a silk blouse from the Loussada Heyhoe collection at Anthropologie. I've always wanted to try the Joie blouses and finally bit the bullet at Piperlime.

Joie Marlo Silk Top (XS) in Seaweed

It's pretty long so I definitely preferred it tucked in. The little button details at the shoulder (like little epaulets) are really cute. The silk is lovely and the color nice but... $218!! I think that's fairly steep for a basic silk blouse. The navy is on sale right now for $152.99.

This is the same blouse in a size SMALL and the porcelain color. Too choir member for me. Would definitely stick with the size 2.

Verdict? A pretty blouse but way overpriced. The split neck also made it feel a little too casual for me - sort of pajama top-esque. I think it would be nice in some brighter colors too.

Anyone else own some Joie?


  1. I love the " choir" shirt on you! I don't think they look like the ones from choir. I like the front pockets and cuff, adding extra character to the shirt.

  2. I don't own any, but a belt might solve the length problem and give it a less casual look, if you wanted that.

    I also don't think it's too 'choir' for you.