Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zara Reviews - Blouses

I've only shopped at Zara once in my life - I had some time to kill and they were having a huge sale. I bought a cute little trench coat but besides that I remember feeling like their stuff was overpriced and cheaply made. Cute ideas, but the fit was like H & M - too straight and tight for a curvy lady! Nonetheless, I have been on the hunt for cute, flowy, feminine blouses and I was drawn to the Zara website. With free shipping and returns I knew I had to give it a whirl. Here are the results:

Shirt with Front Teardrop Opening (size S)

The colors on this were a little bit different than I expected. Nonetheless, I sort of love it. The material is sheer but not totally see-through and I love the subtle puffy shoulder and keyhole neckline. The S feels good but roomy and I am curious what the XS would feel like. It seems to be out of stock so I may never know... :) Even though it's polyester, it didn't bother me.

Polka Dot Printed Blouse (size S)
The idea is there and the fit is wonderfully slouchy but I don't like the white with black polka dots. I think the blue colorway would be nicer. This polyester bothered me a bit more because it was more static-causing and satiny feeling than the other blouse. Still, super cute. Just too pajama-y on me.

 I appreciate Zara's simple descriptions - printed shirt with bow. Why, yes, it is. The print is really fun. Please excuse the lovely sweatpants I am wearing. Long day at work and too lazy to change. Wanted to show the shirt tucked in because I think it really needs to be worn this way. In this photo I am wearing the shirt with several buttons undone and the bow loosely tied.

Buttoned to top with bow (I found this to be a little tight on the throat)

With 1 button unbuttoned. 
Overall it's a really cute, retro-looking blouse. The S fit well in this blouse - if I took a smaller size I think it would be too tight in the shoulders. 

Overall, I'm really liking Zara's offerings. Anyone else have some favorites?


  1. They are all pretty but that poly content is killing it for me. I can't wear it.

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  3. The floral bow top is really cute. I love the free shipping from Zara. I've placed a couple of orders since they started selling online last year. Thanks for sharing pics!

  4. Wow, what a great review you have provided here, must give you many Thanks!!! I was hoping to find a better description/review since yes the website does not give a great review :-) so yours helped me make my decision! Question - do you own or have u tried on any of their blazers? if you have would you say that you would wear the same size as the blouses, like a size S? I'm trying to figure out what size blouse I should buy....Thanks for any feedback!

  5. I just ordered the bow blouse in sz M. I am normally S in JCrew. Wonder if it's going to be too big? Did you keep yours?