Friday, March 9, 2012

OOTD - Does this work?

I love my cropped checks from Anthro. They are like wearing flannel pj's except much cuter and they go with everything. I picked up the frilled echelons peacoat for a song recently with the thought that I might give it to my sisters. Oops. The teal goes perfectly with the checked crops but I just can't decide if I like the peacoat. Ruffles are NOT my thing but the quality of the coat is. The wool is lovely, buttons adorable and the lining superb. Really a well made coat. What do you think?

Frilled Echelons Peacoat - Anthropologie
Checked Crops - Anthropologie
Ivanka Trump Indicon pumps - love! go with everything


  1. Based on seeing the one that my friend owns, I'm a little more doubtful of the quality. The lining is a little noisy/wrinkly, and the wool is pretty thin compared to my 80% wool peacoat (London Fog on sale at Macy's, so pretty mid-tier).

    But I LOVE the color (and the ruffles), so I still think you should keep it if you think you'll wear it. :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! The color is to die for but the ruffles do add a bit of bilk to my frame IRL. Still thinking on this one...